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  • SAMBAZON Expands Product Lineup with Indulgent Acai Bites

    Pioneer of organic acai launches new frozen novelty treats.

  • Products

    Organic Acai Pomegranate Juice

    Bossa Nova, Cincinnati, OH, has added Organic Acai Pomegranate to its line of superfruit juice beverages. The company uses acai berries that are picked by hand at the peak of ripeness. The organic berries are harvested from sustainably grown acai pal…

  • Products

    Acai Super Juices

    Zola, San Francisco, CA, has added Acai with Pomegranate, available in 12-oz. and 32-oz. varieties, and Acai with Blueberry, available in 32-oz. value size, to its line of juices. The company has also launched Brazilian Caja with Mango Juice in Canad…

  • Antioxidants | Products
    Zola LIGHT Acai & Zola Acai Daily Wellness Shot

    Zola LIGHT Acai & Zola Acai Daily Wellness Shot

    Zola, San Francisco, CA, has added Zola LIGHT Acai and Zola Acai Daily Wellness Shot to its line of Brazilian superfruit beverages. Zola LIGHT Acai is a low-sugar, low calorie beverage sweetened with stevia that contains just as many antioxidants (mo…

  • Products

    Acai Immune Booster with EpiCor

    AgroLabs, Hillside, NJ, has added Acai Immune Booster to its line of liquid nutrition products. The product contains EpiCor, a clinically researched, all-natural nutritional dietary supplement that supports a healthy immune system. It also contains a…

  • Breaking News

    Acai Supplements Meet Quality Criteria

    Acai berry supplements tested recently by, White Plains, NY, passed quality standards, but the group urged caution about disturbing business practices and scams, and levels of combination ingredients.
    Sean Moloughney 08.26.09

  • Cardiovascular Health | Dietary Supplements | Enzymes | Functional Foods & Beverages | Healthcare Trends | Skin Health

    From the Corners of the World:Kiwi, Acai, Acerola, Oh My!

    Analyzing the back stories of three impressive superfruits.
    Paul Altaffer & Grant Washington-Smith 05.01.08

  • Fatty Acids | Supplier News | Vitamins


    A&B Ingredients has made açai available to its customers. According to the company, this “super food” can provide greater energy, stamina and mental focus, as well as improved digestion and sleep. Açai contains two essen…

  • Antioxidants | Supplier News

    Acai Berry Products

    VDF FutureCeuticals has introduced several new açai products. Freeze-dried standardized powders are available in organic and non-organic formats. According to the company, the freeze-dry method also allows the açai powder to retain the…

  • Fatty Acids | Minerals | Products | Vitamins

    Acai Berry Extract

    Life Dynamics Technology, Tustin, CA, has introduced its Açai Berry Extract. The açai berry is harvested from rainforests in Brazil and contains high levels of omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, in addition to a strong concentration of anthocya…