Zarbee's Naturals Study Shows Parents Are Closely Reading Vitamin Labels

Zarbee's Naturals Study Shows Parents Are Closely Reading Vitamin Labels

Despite attentive label reading practices, survey indicates parents may be unknowingly giving kids unwanted ingredients.

U.S. parents express confidence interpreting ingredient labels and vigilant nutrition label reading habits when it comes to children's and baby vitamins, according to a new survey of 2,000 U.S. parents from Zarbee's Naturals, Salt Lake City, UT, a whole-family natural health and wellness brand. The company's inaugural Ingredient and Nutrition I.Q. study polled parents of children ages 0-12 on a range of family health and wellness practices, and revealed that 80% of parents always read vitamin labels, and that more than half of those surveyed would not give their children artificial flavors, dyes and high fructose corn syrup. As ingredients such as these are prominent in several best-selling kids' and baby vitamin brands, the survey suggests that today's parents may be unknowingly giving their children unwanted ingredients while providing them with a daily multivitamin supplement to help fill nutritional gaps.
The Ingredient and Nutrition I.Q. study reported that more than half of parents expressed concern that their children may not be getting enough vitamins in their diet alone. In addition, 70% of parents agree that they know, or feel confident in determining, which foods contain artificial flavors, colors and dyes, while 79% of parents agree that feeding their child foods and supplements without artificial additives plays a role in them feeling like a "good" parent. Seven out of 10 parents surveyed also stated they look for over-the-counter kids products that are pediatrician-recommended.
"As a brand committed to offering products rooted in science and made with essential wholesome handpicked ingredients, we focus on what goes into a Zarbee's Naturals product, and what doesn't," said Dr. Zak Zarbock, MD, founder of Zarbee's Naturals. "As a pediatrician and father, I understand how important yet confusing it can be to decipher ingredient labels. With this survey, we wanted to engage with parents about overall ingredient I.Q. and help to educate and empower parents to learn more about some of the unnecessary inactive ingredients found in the vitamins they are buying for their infants, toddlers and school-aged children."


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