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Pines International

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P.O. Box 927
Lawrence, KS 66044
United States


Company Description

Pines/Cerophyl has grown and supplied cereal grass and alfalfa since 1932. We are the only grower to follow standards established by the scientist, Charles Schnabel, who is known as "the father of wheatgrass." We grow our cereal grasses, alfalfa and kale on many of the same fields of glacial soil Schnabel used during his lifetime of research. First established more than 85 years ago, we also still operate one of his laboratories. Pines is composed of 100% organic family farmers, not "dual farmers." In other words, we are not chemical farmers with an "organic sideline." We have never used chemical herbicides or pesticides on any of our fields. Because we are not located in the semi-arid part of Kansas, we grow our crops with natural rainfall, never irrigation. Thus, we do not contribute to the depletion and contamination of the Ogallala Aquifer, an ancient ground water resource that is needed by the grower located in the dry region of Kansas. That once-pristine resource took tens of thousands of years to accumulate. Now, after less than 100 years of abuse by chemical farmers and dual farmers, it is seriously depleted and poisoned from growing pesticide-based animal feed and GMO corn for ethanol. Thus, even when dual farmers grow some organic crops, they have to irrigate with poison-contaminated water. As the original green super food grower and the only one using natural rainfall and prized glacial soil, we welcome all inquiries.

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International Buyers' Guide

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