Research Suggests Sunscreen Plus Carotenoids Protects Against UV Damage

Research Suggests Sunscreen Plus Carotenoids Protects Against UV Damage

Golan Raz discusses how Lycomato+ rosemary extract and sunscreen protects skin from UV-induced oxidative stress.

Combining topical sunscreen with carotenoids may create a synergistic effect, scientific research by Lycored shows. 
The previously unpublished study adds to the growing body of evidence that carotenoids such as lycopene help protect the skin against UV damage. 
Researchers treated ex vivo human skin tissues with formulations combining SPF 15 sunscreen with Lycored’s Lycomato+ rosemary extract, which contains lycopene and other natural carotenoids. When they tested the samples for harmful UV-induced reactive oxidant species they found that the combination reduced oxidative stress, indicating possible synergistic activity. 
The research shows that Lycomato may complement traditional sun and skincare products by neutralizing free radicals. Lycored suggested that including carotenoids in topical formulations may also have other benefits for skin health and appearance, including increased skin density and elasticity. Furthermore, the antioxidant activity of carotenoids may add to the shelf life of sunscreen. 
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