2015 DGAs Suggest Yogurt Supports Healthy Eating

2015 DGAs Suggest Yogurt Supports Healthy Eating

Yogurt contains calcium, potassium and vitamin D— nutrient deficiencies identified as public health concerns.

The Dannon Company lauded the publication of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) and the inclusion of one serving of yogurt in recommended healthy eating patterns, as exemplified by this sample day of meals, which shows how careful choices can help Americans consume a variety of foods to meet nutrient needs and balance nutrients to limit in the diet.

As the new guidelines outline, the vast majority of Americans are not getting the recommended three servings of dairy per day. Dannon said adding one lowfat or nonfat yogurt every day to their eating plan is a simple, convenient way for Americans to increase dairy intake. Specific strategies for increasing dairy intake as noted in the 2015 DGAs include choosing yogurt as a snack, or using yogurt as an ingredient in prepared dishes.

The infographic below outlines the significant role yogurt can play in helping Americans meet many of the other recommendations put forth in the new guidelines.

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