EpiCor Postbiotic: Differentiation from Fermentation to Finished Goods

EpiCor Postbiotic: Differentiation from Fermentation to Finished Goods

EpiCor® is a one-of-a-kind postbiotic ingredient shown to support the gut microbiome1, immune health2,3, and nasal comfort4. Made using baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), EpiCor is derived through a natural fermentation process. It is gently dried using a proprietary heating process that kills off the yeast, while still preserving all the metabolites and functional compounds. The unique fingerprint of metabolites supports beneficial bacteria and has been found, through multiple human clinical trials, to provide a health benefit. 

EpiCor is the #1 postbiotic brand. A postbiotic, by the consensus definition published in May 2021, is a preparation of non-living microorganisms and their components that confer a health benefit to the host 

EpiCor has over 12 published studies, 8 of which are human clinical trials, that have shown its ability to support human health. 

EpiCor is an inanimate, pH and heat stable ingredient providing formulation flexibility not always found with other functional ingredients.

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