Suzy: The Voice of the Consumer Available for Every Business Meeting

Suzy: The Voice of the Consumer Available for Every Business Meeting

On-demand consumer intelligence platform offers brands access to fast and lean market research.

By Sean Moloughney, Editor05.10.19
In traditional business operations, decisions are often based on the highest paid person's opinion (HIPPO). Suzy is trying to supplant the HIPPO by giving consumers a stronger voice in board rooms and meetings around the world.
Suzy is a consumer insights platform that connects brands directly with their target audiences and helps them make better, faster, more informed decisions, according to Avi Savar, the President of Suzy, who spoke about the company and innovation in this video.
Named after a Phish song, Suzy was founded in 2017 and serves some of the biggest brands in the world today. The platform enables organizations to target and retarget any consumer segment, and to ask questions and get insights within minutes. Customers typically receive 500 responses in less than an hour, according to the company. It also allows users to retarget the same respondents at a later date.
With an on-demand network of over 1 million users, Suzy gives companies a direct line of communication to customers instantly, in real-time. These insights can help companies innovate more precisely and increase product success rates.
HIPPOs beware.
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