Natural Resources Defense Council Launches ‘Save The Food’ Campaign

Natural Resources Defense Council Launches ‘Save The Food’ Campaign

As much as 40% of food in the U.S. ends up wasted.

Uneaten food is the single largest contributor to U.S. landfills today. As much as 40% of the food in America goes to waste — more than $162 billion worth every year — accounting for nearly a quarter of U.S. water consumption and 4% of oil consumption.

It’s not just an American problem; if global food waste were a country, it would have the third-largest greenhouse-gas footprint in the world — ranking behind the U.S. and China in terms of how much carbon pollution is generated from its growing, cooling, transportation, and disposal.

The Natural Resources Defense Council has teamed up with the Ad Council to help curb hunger, save money, and help the environment — all by watching waste.

The “Save the Food” campaign will be multimodal and multifaceted, integrating video, print, and digital messaging that consumers will be seeing everywhere — on billboards and the sides of buses, in newsprint and social media feeds.

It also includes a video PSA, “The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry,” which tells the story of a single strawberry as it makes its way from the farm to the supermarket to a family’s refrigerator … and beyond.

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