Assessing Impact with Ritual’s Lindsay Dahl

Assessing Impact with Ritual’s Lindsay Dahl

The Certified B Corp has expanded its product line, and reach to consumers, but is also intent on limiting its environment impact.

By Sean Moloughney, Editor10.30.23
Born as a DTC multivitamin brand with strong focus on transparency, Ritual entered retail stores for the first time in 2022 with Whole Foods, and expanded in 2023 with Target and Amazon.

Now an omnichannel brand and a Certified B Corp, Ritual has expanded its menu of products to include a Synbiotic for gut health, as well as a Skin Hydration supplement called HyaCera. The company just launched its BioSeries extended release melatonin for sleep.

Ritual has set some big goals as it relates to traceability and environmental footprint, and has conducted life cycle analyses to measure the carbon impact of all its products. To learn more I talked with the company’s Chief Impact Officer Lindsay Dahl. 
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