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March 2015 Issue
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Cardiovascular Health - Omega 3s

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An Interview with Gregory Stephens
By Sheldon Baker
Published June 11, 2010
Gregory Stephens is vice president of strategic consulting with the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) and has 30 years of specialized expertise in the nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. Read More »
Keep It Simple Stupid
By Rebecca Wright
Published October 1, 2009
The healthcare debate is polarizing and complicated-more so than the economy or the war in Iraq, at least in my opinion. Thankfully Erik Goldman, our "Healthcare Practitioner Corner" columnist, lays out the issues with healthcare reform pretty eloque… Read More »
Things You Need to Hear
Published June 1, 2009
True to his word, President Obama is "cleaning house" and this industry is on his list. Just in the last six weeks, millions of dollars of products have been seized, destroyed or recalled due to either containing questionable substances or causing se… Read More »
By Adam Ismail
Published June 1, 2009
As the market continues its healthy growth, credibility among consumers will be the key to future success. Read More »
Mercury Rising
Published May 1, 2009
Fish is the nutrition world's double-edged sword-good one day and bad the next, according to experts. Sans mercury, I think most would agree that it is the perfect health food. Unfortunately, many types of fish (e.g., swordfish, shark, marlin and fro… Read More »
By Rebecca Wright
Published May 1, 2009
A listing of suppliers of functional food and beverage ingredients. Read More »
The Intersection of Hope and Fear
Published March 1, 2009
A feeling of cautious optimism seems to dominate today's nutraceuticals market. On one hand, companies are hopeful about areas such as stevia, omega 3s, probiotics and superfruits. At the same time, they are keeping a watchful eye on FDA and how it p… Read More »
By Rebecca Wright
Published March 1, 2009
A comprehensive listing of antioxidant suppliers and the ingredients they offer to the dietary supplement and functional food markets. Read More »
Omega 3 Testing: Coming to a Doctor Near You?
By Joanna Cosgrove
Published November 1, 2008
Knowing one's omega 3 status could be a more effective predictor of cardiovascular events than a standard cholesterol test. Read More »
Start Spreadin' the News
Published September 1, 2008
Our news section was packed this month with some pretty exciting developments in both the dietary supplement and functional food markets. Here are some of the latest headlines: Americans Scrap Dieting for Healthy Eating, Health & Wellness Sales Top $… Read More »
By Sean Moloughney
Published September 1, 2008
Backed by decades of research, essential fatty acids continue to touch many consumer markets around the world, so where are they headed next? Read More »
I'm Pro-Choice
Published June 1, 2008
"The difficulty in life is the choice."-George Moore It is very American to have an endless array of choices, particularly in the consumer products arena. From dietary supplements to shampoo to toothpicks-(who knew it was possible to have several hu… Read More »
By Rebecca Wright
Published June 1, 2008
A comprehensive listing of suppliers of Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) ingredients for functional food and beverage formulation. Read More »
Ancient Super Grain, Modern Benefits
By Joanna Cosgrove
Published May 1, 2008
Once a stamina supplement of the Aztecs, Salba's nutrient-dense profile is drawing a lot of present-day attention. Read More »
By Dr. A. Elizabeth Sloan
Published September 1, 2007
Health concerns and product interests of Boomers, Hispanics and children reveal the up-and-coming markets of tomorrow. Read More »
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