Skin Health

How to Give Women What They Really Want

Protein products aimed at women should speak to their specific health and nutrition concerns.

An Interview with Gregory Stephens

Gregory Stephens is vice president of strategic consulting with the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) and has 30 years of specialized expertise in the nutrition and pharmaceutical industries.

Rousselot’s Mai Nygaard Discusses Collagen’s Role in Skin Health at Vitafoods Europe

Ingestible collagen peptides help drive growth within the nutricosmetics market.

Growing Demand for Beauty From Within Products

About 72% of women who buy natural and organic beauty products believe in the concept of ‘beauty from within.’

Supplements for Sun Protection

With summer in full swing, Dr. Ronald Hoffman points to key nutraceuticals for skin protection.

Hartman Group Examines Trends in Supplement Usage

Condition specific formulas are gaining favor with consumers.