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December 12, 2012
Reducol® is a natural way to increase sales of your brand In today’s increasingly health-conscious society, “Functional Foods” and “Nutraceuticals” are areas of rapid growth and significant business potential. In the…  Read More »
Phase3 Sugar Controller
December 12, 2012
Phase 3 Sugar ControllerTM is a combination of a proprietary fiber extract from the corn plant and Pharmachem’s patented Food- Bound Chromium. Phase 3 Sugar ControllerTM helps control blood sugar levels by reducing the body’s ability to a…  Read More »
Phase2 Carb Controller
December 12, 2012
Phase2 StarchLite Carb Controller is a natural extract of white kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) clinically proven to reduce enzymatic digestion of dietary starch by safely inhibiting alpha-amylase, the enzyme responsible for initiating starch digest…  Read More »
Phase1 Hunger Controller
December 12, 2012
Phase1 Hunger Controller is a convenient, flavored beverage powder that helpspeople feel full and satisfied for longer periods of time, making it easier to eat less and control weight. The primary ingredient in Phase 1 is Olibra, a clinically studied…  Read More »
December 12, 2012
Natural, effective relief from hops. A proprietary extract of hops cones with a specific content of alpha acids shown to support the body’s response to inflammation.…  Read More »
December 12, 2012
A Natural Ingredient for Stress Management Lactium is a milk protein hydrolysate containing a bioactive peptide with anti-stress properties. It is a patented, food-grade ingredient.…  Read More »
December 12, 2012
Potent Support for Urinary Tract Health Cran-Max® is a potent whole fruit cranberry extract. It is made from 100% of the cranberry, with no preservatives, carriers, solvents, sugars, water, flavorings or added color. It takes 34 pounds of fresh…  Read More »
December 12, 2012
Fast, Natural Joint and Muscle Support Celadrin® is a natural ingredient for joint health composed of esterified fatty acid carbons and other active synergists. The esterifying process makes the fatty acid stable so it does not react with oxygen…  Read More »
December 12, 2012
Made from fruit solids and concentrated juices for maximum potency Tap in to the exploding market for antioxidant-rich berries with the highest quality, most potent line of proprietary berry products available. Berry-Max products utilize all of the…  Read More »
Benexia Omega 3
December 12, 2012
One of the richest plant sources of Omega-3 fatty acids Product Source: Chia plant (Salvia Hispanica L.) Product Applications: Chia can easily be incorporated into a variety of foods and beverages as a seed, sprouted seed, flour, oil or powder. Pr…  Read More »

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