Mood Health & Sleep

Protection Against Aging & Disease

Can antioxidants and other nutrients preserve telomere length?

An Interview with Gretchen Reece

Gretchen Reece is president of Scientific Food Solutions, LLC (SFS). Founded in 2002, and based in Fairfield, CA, SFS is a nutritional bioactive innovation and research company focusing upon applications for dietary supplement, conventional and functional food and beverage, and over the counter drug applications.

Probiotics Found to Reduce Stress Levels, Lessen Anxiety

Zebrafish could hold some insight into the way we handle stress—and probiotics might help us decrease anxiety levels.

Chilling Out with GABA

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid may induce relaxation, analgesia and sleep because it serves as a neurotransmitter that suppresses nerve cell activity in areas of the brain associated with anxiety.

Mintel Forecasts Top Food & Drink Trends for 2017

Global trends to watch include the rise of ‘ugly fruit,’ the night time snacking occasion and plant-focused formulations

Hartman Group Examines Trends in Supplement Usage

Condition specific formulas are gaining favor with consumers.