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March 2015 Issue
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Health Conditions - Immune Function

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Gut Health: On the Front Lines of Wellness
By Sean Moloughney, Editor
Published March 2, 2015
Better understanding of gut microbes and their role in health will lead to more science-driven product development. Read More »
Natural, Potent & Focused: The Antioxidant Market in Review
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published March 2, 2015
Unique formulas separate from the pack with natural ingredients, clinical research and condition-specific marketing. Read More »
Getting Ahead of the Curve: Kids’ Health
By Dr. A. Elizabeth Sloan & Dr. Catherine Adams Hutt, Sloan Trends, Inc.
Published March 2, 2015
There are significant opportunities to deliver essential nutrients to children in a range of product types. Read More »
MRM Introduces Immune Support Line
Published February 27, 2015
A market innovator of health, wellness and active lifestyle supplements, San Diego-based MRM has introduced an integrative line of immune support products to target distinct states of immune-compromise. "The idea was to develop a system of im… Read More »
Published February 9, 2015
Nearly 17% of the U.S. population who take “immune health” dietary supplements have heard of the yeast fermentate ingredient EpiCor, according to a survey by Embria Health Sciences, Ankeny, IA, the makers of EpiCor and other proprietary f… Read More »
Antibiotics: Reversing the Reliance
By Sarath Malepati, MD
Published February 9, 2015
Indiscriminate use of antibiotics has led health professionals and patients down a dangerous path, but there is a solution. Read More »
Published February 4, 2015
Daily use of Bifidobacterium bifidum R0071 may improve cold and flu outcomes during acute psychological stress, according a new study published ahead of print by the British Journal of Nutrition.   The randomized, double-blind, placebo-control… Read More »
Immunity Support During Cold & Flu Season
By Patrick Morris, Communications Manager, Fortitech Premixes
Published January 15, 2015
Many consumers are looking for a more holistic way to boost their immunity. Read More »
Published January 8, 2015
Several measures of immune function improved with 7,000 IU vitamin D3 supplementation. Read More »
Published January 7, 2015
A CRN survey found that one quarter of U.S. dietary supplement users take supplements for immune health. Read More »
Minerals: Elements for Good Health
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published January 5, 2015
These essential nutrients still offer a wealth of opportunities. Read More »
Nutrition’s Growing Role in Fighting Inflammation
By Dilip Ghosh, PhD, FACN, Director, nutriConnect
Published January 5, 2015
Scientific understanding of how to address inflammation through dietary strategies may help to control many chronic diseases. Read More »
Published December 15, 2014
New research has shown that Pycnogenol, a standardized natural plant extract from French maritime pine tree bark, significantly shortens the duration of the common cold and reduces the severity of sore throat, congestion, headache, coughing and sneez… Read More »
Published November 26, 2014
Energy and mood-enhancing sector is the market’s largest, worth an estimated $16.5 billion in 2013, according to Leatherhead. Read More »
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