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March 2015 Issue
Last Updated Thursday, March 5 2015
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NY Attorney General Expands Investigation to Manufacturers
Sean Moloughney, Editor
February 25, 2015
AG requests documentation related to quality, testing, SOPs, label claim substantiation and more.   Read More »
New York AG Issues Subpoenas Requesting Claims Substantiation
Sean Moloughney, Editor
February 16, 2015
Industry continues call for transparency and release of testing data.   Read More »
Krill Education Campaign Harvesting Hearts & Minds
Sean Moloughney, Editor
January 30, 2015
Marketing effort designed to educate industry and the public about sustainability of omega-3 source.  Read More »
Transforming Wasted Food into Valuable Resources
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
January 26, 2015
CPI project converts food waste into renewable hydrogen and graphene.  Read More »
From Farm to … Pet Food
Jeremy Kerstetter, Assistant Editor
January 22, 2015
NutriFusion joins pet food manufacturers to develop nutritionally enhanced food for four-legged family members.  Read More »
Herbal Combination Offers Menopausal Relief
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
January 19, 2015
Research shows EstroG-100 from Helios Corp can combat the symptoms of menopause.  Read More »
Omega-3 Campaign to Turn Tide on Sinking Sales
Sean Moloughney, Editor
January 13, 2015
GOED coalition requires more funds before national rollout can commence.  Read More »
Top 10 Stories in 2014
December 29, 2014
These stories got the most hits on our website in 2014.  Read More »
Qualitas Health: Looking Toward the Future of Omega-3s
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
December 24, 2014
Almega PL makes its debut in the U.S. marketplace.  Read More »
The Beer Sommelier Launches Beer Aid
Jeremy Kerstetter, Assistant Editor
December 1, 2014
Product designed to relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal distress.  Read More »
SmartX: Poised for Cerebral Success
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
November 17, 2014
New supplement first introduced on ABC series Shark Tank gains distribution in GNC.  Read More »
Voters Reject GMO Labeling Measures in Colorado & Oregon
Sean Moloughney, Editor
November 6, 2014
Opposition groups spend nearly $30 million in two states.  Read More »
The Great GMO Debate
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
November 4, 2014
Varying views on biotech crops took the stage at SupplySide West.  Read More »
Fabricant Covers Industry Issues
Sean Moloughney, Editor
October 14, 2014
NPA executive discussed Congressional turnover, GMPs, NDIs and other hot topics at SupplySide West.  Read More »
Dairy Protein Positioned for Growth
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
October 6, 2014
A new report from Amadee+Company predicts long-term prosperity for the dairy protein market.   Read More »

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