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April 2014 Issue
Last Updated Saturday, April 19 2014
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A Cup of Joe with Immune Support
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
April 10, 2014
Reishi mushrooms used to enhance flavor and provide immune boosting beta-glucans.   Read More »
Dr. Weil Assesses Nutrition & Health
Sean Moloughney, Editor
March 24, 2014
Andrew Weil, MD, discussed factors impacting public health and nutrition at ExpoWest 2014.  Read More »
IHS: Focus on Prevention & Self Care
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
March 10, 2014
Personalized and holistic medicine highlight 2014 Integrative Healthcare Symposium.  Read More »
Antioxidant Directory 2014
Sean Moloughney, Editor
March 3, 2014
A catalogue of suppliers and their antioxidant ingredients.   Read More »
Omega-3 Category Looks to Recapture Consumers
Sean Moloughney, Editor
February 10, 2014
GOED to launch PR campaign aimed at spreading positive message of omega-3 EPA and DHA, countering negative press.   Read More »
Naturex Launches Sustainable Botanical Solutions
Sean Moloughney, Editor
January 30, 2014
Company introduces Glucevia for blood sugar management and Flowens for men’s health.  Read More »
Melatonin: Providing Much-Needed Sleep to Tinnitus Sufferers
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
January 23, 2014
The hormonal sleep aid melatonin is positioned to offer more restful sleep and less severe symptoms to those suffering from tinnitus.  Read More »
EFSA Approves Claim for Non-Digestible Carbs and Lower Glycemic Impact
Sean Moloughney, Editor
January 16, 2014
Scientific dossier demonstrates ability to replace sugar content in food applications.  Read More »
FTC Launches ‘Operation Failed Resolution’
Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
January 13, 2014
The Federal Trade Commission’s New Years Resolution is to put an end to fraudulent weight loss claims in advertising.  Read More »
Top 10 Breaking News Stories of 2013
Sean Moloughney, Editor
January 13, 2014
A list of the most heavily trafficked news stories on www.NutraceuticalsWorld.com in the last year.  Read More »
Study Stirs Pot on Value of Vitamins
Sean Moloughney, Editor
December 17, 2013
Trade associations respond to research and negative editorial published in Annals of Internal Medicine.  Read More »
An Uptick in Nutrition Studies
Sean Moloughney, Editor
December 3, 2013
What’s the true value of sponsoring clinical work on your products?  Read More »
10 Pillars To A Successful Brand
Sean Moloughney, Editor
November 19, 2013
What are the critical elements of success in a crowded, competitive health and wellness marketplace?  Read More »
GMA to Disclose Funding Sources for ‘No On 522’ Campaign
Sean Moloughney, Editor
October 18, 2013
Washington State Attorney General files lawsuit alleging association collected and spent more than $7 million in opposing GMO labeling initiative while shielding the identity of its contributors.  Read More »
China Regulations Could Become Too Restrictive
Jeff Crowther, Executive Director, U.S.-China Health Products Association
October 14, 2013
China’s FDA may put an end to importing dietary supplements as food, which would cause many multi-nationals to pull out of the market.  Read More »

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