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April 2014 Issue
Last Updated Sunday, April 20 2014
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By: Sheldon Baker

An interview with Luc Robitaille
Sheldon Baker
April 1, 2014
Luc Robitaille is one of the greatest players in National Hockey League (NHL) history.  Read More »
An Interview with Michael A. Smith, MD
Sheldon Baker
March 3, 2014
Michael A. Smith, MD, is senior health scientist and nationally-known media personality for Life Extension—a leading organization dedicated to extending the healthy human life span.  Read More »
An Interview with Arian Foster
Sheldon Baker
January 2, 2014
Arian Foster was undrafted out of the University of Tennessee yet became one of the National Football League’s top running backs.   Read More »
An Interview with Billy Demong
Sheldon Baker
December 3, 2013
With a career on the snow of more than 15 years, Billy Demong has produced some staggering numbers and memorable moments as America’s best-ever Nordic Combined skier.   Read More »
An Interview with James Worthy
Sheldon Baker
November 1, 2013
“Big Game” James Worthy is an NCAA champion, 3-time NBA champion, Most Valuable Player with the Los Angeles Lakers, philanthropist and a TV host, analyst for Time Warner Cable SportsNet and spokesperson for Rushmore Essentials (RE) Brands.   Read More »
An Interview with Luke Huber, ND, MBA
Sheldon Baker
October 1, 2013
Luke Huber, ND, MBA, is vice president of product innovation and scientific development for Life Extension in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Read More »
An Interview with Brenda Watson
Sheldon Baker, Baker Dillon Group
September 9, 2013
Brenda Watson, C.N.C., has dedicated her career to helping people achieve lasting health through improved digestive function.  Read More »
An Interview with Ziggy Marley
Sheldon Baker
July 1, 2013
Musician, actor, artist, and activist Ziggy Marley has launched a GMO-free product line, Ziggy Marley Organics, which was fueled by his desire to help people and the planet become healthier.   Read More »
An Interview with Seth Tibbott
Sheldon Baker
June 27, 2013
Inefficiencies of the animal protein industry have serious environmental impacts.   Read More »
An Interview with Julia Schopick
Sheldon Baker, NutraInk
June 3, 2013
Julia Schopick is the author of Honest Medicine, the Amazon.com best seller that introduces several effective lifesaving treatments.   Read More »
An interview with Dr. Stephen Sinatra
Sheldon Baker
May 1, 2013
Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, FACC, is a board-certified cardiologist and certified psychotherapist with 40 years of clinical experience treating, preventing and reversing heart disease.   Read More »
An Interview with JJ Virgin
Sheldon Baker
April 18, 2013
Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin specializes in weight loss resistance related to food intolerance and has helped thousands create fast and lasting weight loss.   Read More »
An Interview with Mareya Ibrahim
Sheldon Baker
April 1, 2013
Mareya Ibrahim is “The Fit Foody,” hosting Fit Foody Fridays on San Diego’s Channel 6 news with bite-size health and wellness tips and a chef, writer, educator and award-winning inventor. She also is the founder and CEO of Grow Gree…  Read More »
Sheldon Baker
March 1, 2013
Don Barnette was an American sports pioneer. He is one of the Original Harlem Globetrotters, which are currently celebrating their 87th consecutive year in 2013, continuing a world famous tradition of ball handling wizardry and basketball artistry.  Read More »
An interview with Sue Zawacki
Sheldon Baker
January 1, 2013
Aging Info Radio host Sue Billings Zawacki's direct contact with seniors and families through her work in the insurance industry made her aware of the issues that adult children of aging parents face when trying to find the right resources to assist their loved ones.   Read More »

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