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Editorials By Sean Moloughney
A few words from the editor's desk.

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Health E-Insights by Sheldon Baker
Health E-Insights will provide snapshots of influencers in the natural products marketplace. They will share some of the challenges facing industry management from an executive viewpoint and also present a glimpse into the lighter side of their life. If you want to be considered for a Health E-Insights column, contact Sheldon Baker at Sbaker@BakerDillon.com.

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From Wall Street to Capitol Hill—and from the U.S. to Europe to China—our columnists have the entire Nutraceuticals World covered.

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Everything Nutrition
This column will explore emerging nutrition science and changing communications relevant to the functional food and supplement businesses. Unless stated otherwise, editorials are written by Michael McBurney PhD, Head of Scientific Affairs at DSM Nutritional Products LLC who is responsible for TalkingNutrition.dsm.com and @DSMNutrition.

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Euromonitor International will contribute a timely piece each month that highlights the latest trends in the wellness sector as it relates to functional foods and dietary supplements. For more information: www.euromonitor.com/health-and-wellness

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Show Me The Money!
Grant Ferrier of Nutrition Capital Network, a business that brings together entrepreneurs and investors, will discuss the financial side of the dietary supplement and functional food business. He can be reached at gferrier@nutritioncapital.com

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Fascinating Facts About Formulation
Patrick Morris of Fortitech will contribute a timely piece each month that discusses relevant, interesting aspects of the formulation business as it applies to functional foods and dietary supplements. He can be reached morris.patrick@fortitech.com.

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Doing the Right Thing
Experts from the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington, D.C., will contribute a timely piece each month that offers relevant regulatory and quality insights with a unique inside-the-Beltway perspective as they relate to the nutraceuticals business. For more information: www.crnusa.org

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Evidence-Based Nutraceuticals
Dr. Dilip Ghosh of NutriConnect will discuss the relationship between evidence-based clinical support and the dietary supplements/nutraceutical field. Some of these ingredients/products not only appear to supplement good health but also exhibit interesting clinical outcomes. For more information: www.nutriconnect.com.au

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