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Health Conditions - Sports Nutrition

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Published April 17, 2014
OptiMSM, from Vancouver, WA-based Bergstrom Nutrition, has undergone thorough testing and audit and is officially registered with Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice to be free of banned substances.   “Achieving the Info… Read More »
Published April 16, 2014
Chemi Nutra has released a new, highly functional, higher concentration liquid version of A-GPC, called AlphaSize60F A-GPC, commercially developed and produced in-house by Chemi S.p.A. This compound is ideally suited for use in beverages, shots, RTDs… Read More »
Published April 1, 2014
AHPA has issued industry guidance for calculating the amount of protein listed on dietary supplement and food labels. Read More »
Published March 27, 2014
A study, soon-to-be published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, found that athletes who consumed a beverage with Cluster Dextrin had lower levels of interleukin following vigorous exercise, compared to those who used a glucose-b… Read More »
Published March 27, 2014
Study showed cyclists who drank cherry juice concentrate before a three-day simulated race experienced less inflammation and oxidative stress compared to placebo. Read More »
Published March 3, 2014
U.S. Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) have introduced the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act (DASCA), intended to help protect consumers from harmful products by properly classifying them as controlled substances and incre… Read More »
Antioxidants Update: Following Science to Success
By Sean Moloughney, Editor
Published March 3, 2014
Continued research supporting product use for specific conditions will help grow consumer awareness and offer long-lasting, added value to the category. Read More »
Dr. Micheline Vargas Talks Sports Nutrition
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published February 18, 2014
Micheline Vargas, DrPH, CNS, RCEP, CSCS, discusses her partnership with Nutrilite, and emphasizes the critical role of proper nutrition for athletes. Read More »
Published February 13, 2014
Study reveals how modes of behavior interact and how they influence fitness and health over time. Read More »
Published February 11, 2014
The new legislation presented aims to close a loophole that allows designer anabolic steroids to become accessible to the public. Read More »
Slideshow: Going for Gold with Sports Nutrition Supplements
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published February 11, 2014
There's something for everyone in the sports nutrition market. Read More »
Published February 3, 2014
Post to form a singular Active Nutrition Group with expected annualized revenue approaching $550 million. Read More »
Published January 28, 2014
Market driven by increasing awareness, but counterfeit products pose a challenge. Read More »
Published January 17, 2014
New research published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness demonstrated the effectiveness of Pycnogenol in improving overall fitness performance levels and recovery. A clinical trial found that the antioxidant from French maritime… Read More »
An Interview with Arian Foster
By Sheldon Baker
Published January 2, 2014
Arian Foster was undrafted out of the University of Tennessee yet became one of the National Football League’s top running backs. Read More »
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