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Health Conditions

Nutraceuticals World contains an ever-growing base of information designed to offer you the most relevant news and articles associated with specific categories in the industry.

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Image can not be displayedThis section is devoted to bone and joint ingredients, such as calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin and more. View the latest research findings and market figures for this exploding area.

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Image can not be displayedHeart health is one of the biggest targets for nutraceutical companies simply because there are so many ingredients that can play a role. Here you will find snapshots of the latest research and market trends related to cholesterol, blood pressure and heart health in general.

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Image can not be displayedThe brain health market touches consumer groups of all ages—from infants to children to adults. Find out what’s keeping young brains healthy and adult brains sharp.

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Image can not be displayedThis section of our website offers all of the latest news and stories involving ingredients and products that support healthy blood sugar levels. Here you’ll also find the latest research and information on the cutting-edge market trends such as glycemic index.

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Image can not be displayedOne of the fastest growing markets for functional foods and supplements, gut health has caught the attention of many companies and consumers. In this section we’ve compiled all of the latest information on market trends, health statistics, regulations and formulation developments.

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Image can not be displayedEvery consumer is looking for an extra pick-me-up as a way to support energy levels and combat fatigue. Fortunately there are many ingredients that fit the bill. This section of our website is dedicated to the latest research on ingredients, products and markets that provide a healthy energy boost.

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Image can not be displayedDue to a swelling Baby Boomer population, eye health has become a huge focus for companies selling nutrients that support optimal eye function in an effort to prevent disease like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. Here you can find out about the latest news, research and product offerings in support of healthy vision.

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Image can not be displayedIn this section we’ve compiled all related news and stories on the most up-to-date developments on ingredients, products and markets that touch the anti-aging category. From cosmeceuticals to nutricosmetics to beauty foods, the anti-aging trend is alive and well.

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Image can not be displayedResearch shows that supporting immune function can lead to better health and the avoidance of chronic disease. As a result, the market potential for immune support products and ingredients is huge. This section offers the latest information on probiotics, mushrooms, vitamins and more—all of which play a role in immune enhancement.

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Image can not be displayedProducts and ingredients dedicated to kid’s nutrition has been an increasing focus for many companies. This section taps into the most recent happenings in terms of health claims, research, formulation developments and regulations.

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Image can not be displayedWith men taking more control over their own health, the market opportunities are endless. This section offers the stories and news we’ve written over the years to give you a complete picture of this market and how it has evolved.

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Image can not be displayedThere are many ways to lighten mood and induce relaxation, from kava to valerian to L-theanine to peptides. Our mood health section offers the latest information on these ingredients and many others. Knowing where the research stands on these ingredients and products will help you plan future strategies for this market.

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Image can not be displayedOne of the biggest pharmaceutical markets, sexual health has also found a niche in dietary supplements and functional foods. In this section we’ve compiled all of the relevant news and stories related to ingredients and products that support both men’s and women’s sexual health. Once a taboo topic of conversation, supporting sexual performance has become one of the keys to living a healthy lifestyle.

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Image can not be displayedThese days skin care has moved below the surface and beyond topical products. As consumers continue to take more responsibility for improving and maintaining the health of their skin, they are using a variety of nutraceutical ingredients and products that not only offer a benefit topically, but also affect the appearance of the skin when ingested. This section contains the latest developments related to nutraceuticals and skin care trends and applications.

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Image can not be displayedThis market has evolved beyond athletes to include consumers of all ages and abilities, most looking for ways to stay healthy and active as long as possible. As a result, there are many facets to this market, so the ingredient and product opportunities are endless. The winners in this market include sports drinks, nutrition bars, functional foods and dietary supplements that focus not only on athletes, but any active consumer who wants to achieve a certain performance goal.

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Image can not be displayedFrequently the target of industry critics, the weight management market holds enormous potential for dietary supplements and functional foods, and it remains a billion-dollar business. In this section of the website you will find articles and news stories devoted to this topic, so that you can decide for yourself where the opportunities lie.

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Image can not be displayedWomen have played an instrumental role in the uptake of dietary supplements and functional foods throughout the years. This section gathers all relevant news stories on health issues that are uniquely related to women, as well as the dietary supplement and functional food options that continue to hold their interest and keep them healthy.

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