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BetaPower Benefits Athletic Performance

December 10, 2010

New research presented at the annual conference of the International Society of Sports Nutrition demonstrated that betaine supplementation has a positive impact on athletic power.

Research examined the effect of betaine, a nutrient found at high levels in spinach and whole grain, on cycling sprint performance. It revealed that subjects given an electrolyte drink containing Danisco’s BetaPower natural betaine, performed better when cycling than those given a placebo.

Sixteen untrained subjects were recruited at Ithaca College in New York to participate in the double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study. Their cycling performance was measured against a benchmark performance that was recorded prior to a one-week betaine supplementation period and against an electrolyte drink placebo. Betaine ingestion significantly increased average peak power, maximum peak power, average mean power and maximum mean power for all subjects combined compared to both placebo and baseline. Research is expected to be published in early 2011. For further information:

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