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Published January 28, 2015
Protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, magnesium and microalgae are all positioned for growth. Read More »
Published January 27, 2015
Nu Science Trading (NST) and Viridis BioPharma have been awarded NSF International Good Manufacturing (GMP) Registration for its natural vitamin K2-7 MenaquinGold.   NSF certification was also awarded to the companies’ production facilit… Read More »
Published January 26, 2015
BASF is increased its production capacities for vitamin A by 25% by expanding an existing plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany, which is part of BASF’s Citral Verbund. With this capacity extension, BASF reacted to the rising demand for its vitamin A… Read More »
Published January 26, 2015
Heart health was most popular active health claim globally. Read More »
From Farm to … Pet Food
By Jeremy Kerstetter, Assistant Editor
Published January 22, 2015
NutriFusion joins pet food manufacturers to develop nutritionally enhanced food for four-legged family members. Read More »
Published January 16, 2015
Plants contain significant levels of vitamin B6 and other water-soluble vitamins. Read More »
Published January 15, 2015
CDC estimates 1,300 babies annually were protected by fortifying grain foods with folic acid. Read More »
Published January 15, 2015
Researchers claim nutrient content and marketing are out of tune with dietary needs and conventional nutritional science. Read More »
Published January 15, 2015
Those with highest levels of vitamin D survived an average 32.6 months, compared to 24.5 months for those with the lowest. Read More »
Immunity Support During Cold & Flu Season
By Patrick Morris, Communications Manager, Fortitech Premixes
Published January 15, 2015
Many consumers are looking for a more holistic way to boost their immunity. Read More »
Published January 14, 2015
A new survey finds 47% of respondents committed to taking vitamins in 2015. Read More »
Published January 14, 2015
Ghent University research suggests GMOs with health benefits offer market potential. Read More »
Published January 8, 2015
Several measures of immune function improved with 7,000 IU vitamin D3 supplementation. Read More »
Snacks & Bars: Reflections of A New Food Culture
By Sean Moloughney, Editor
Published January 5, 2015
Convenience, health and taste drive an evolving category ripe for innovation. Read More »
Nutritional Interventions for the Aging Process
By Gregory Stephens, RD and Sandy Bigelow, PhD, Windrose Partners and Vanguard Global Associates LLC
Published January 5, 2015
Baby Boomers want more nutraceutical ingredients in their everyday foods and beverages. Read More »
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