• Xsto Solutions

    Xsto Solutions

    XSTO Solutions, founded in 2005, focuses on bringing a small number of science supported functional ingredients to the nutrition and dietary supplement markets of North America. XSTO has successfully launched new products and driven sales across chan…
    Dan Murray, VPBusiness Development 11.15.17

  • Omega-3s
    Aker BioMarine

    Aker BioMarine

    Aker BioMarine is the world’s leading supplier of krill, the superior source of omega-3 from the pristine waters of Antarctica. We are the only vertically integrated krill oil supplier that owns and controls the whole supply chain, from sea to…
    Thomas Beadnall, Marketing Associate 11.14.17

  • Dietary Supplements
    Kappa BioScience AS

    Kappa BioScience AS

    Kappa Bioscience AS produces K2VITAL®, a 100% pure all-trans vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7). K2VITAL® is a product range offering stability in a wide range of product applications within dietary supplements, food and beverage. Norwegian K…
    Dan Murray, VP Business Development 11.13.17

  • PLT Health Solutions

    PLT Health Solutions

    a { color: #00a2a599; } body{ font-size:18px; } #companyProfile { text-size:18px } tr{ font-size:18px; } td{ font-size:18px; }   PLT Health Solutions A…
    Jessica Arnaly, Marketing Manager 11.13.17

  • ChromaDex

    Madeline Benoit, Inside Sales/Marketing Representative 11.07.17

  • Prinova


    Leading global supplier of a wide range of ingredients and manufacturing solutions for the F&B and nutrition industries. By leveraging our broad in-house array of capabilities and years of industry expertise, we support our customers throughout t…
    Mary Labriola, Marketing Services Specialist 11.07.17

  • Vitamins

    PAT Vitamins Inc.

    Lorraine Olguin, Sales Representative 11.06.17

  • Gnosis USA Inc.

    Gnosis USA Inc.

    With more than 20 years of experience, Gnosis is specialized in the manufacturing and sale of fermentation raw materials and natural finished products used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary industries. Gnosis constantly works to dev…
    Marta Mariani, Communication & Events 11.06.17

  • Shanghai Freemen

    Shanghai Freemen

    Shanghai Freemen Americas US Headquarters 377 Hoes Lane, Ste 240 Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA Phone: 732-981-1288 | Fax: 732-981-0302 Email: info@shangha…
    Andrew Falocco, Global Marketing Manager 11.06.17

  • Lonza Inc.

    Lonza Inc.

    Christine Casper, Global Marketing Communications Manager 11.06.17

  • Dietary Supplements | Sports Nutrition | Vitamins
    Asiamerica Group Inc.

    Asiamerica Group Inc.

    Asiamerica is a leading premium ingredients supplier, geared towards enhancing human health and nutrition, serving the Food, Dietary supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Beverage and Cosmetics industries since 1993. The product portfolio includes Vitamins,…
    Mark Zhang, President 11.04.17

  • Dietary Supplements | Vitamins
    Balchem Human Nutrition & Pharma

    Balchem Human Nutrition & Pharma

    The Balchem Human Nutrition and Pharma business unit manufactures and sells Albion® Minerals, our brand of scientifically validated chelated minerals, and VitaCholine®, our brand of the essential nutrient choline. Both brands provide premium…
    Todd Pauli, Partner, The Shelton Group 11.03.17

  • Iris NutriPharma, LLC

    Iris NutriPharma, LLC

    Iris NutriPharma will cost effectively yet intelligently assist you in going live with your company’s dietary supplement / food ingredient positioning strategy. This will result in a lower probability of a commercial false start and conservatio…
    Ken Hassen, VP, Ingredient Technology & Marketing 11.03.17

  • Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

    Jeanette Fisher, Marketing Director 11.03.17

  • OptiPure/Kenko International Inc.

    Jeanette Fisher, Marketing Director 11.03.17

  • Watson Inc.

    Watson Inc.

    Moira Watson, VP Marketing 11.01.17

  • Wright Group, The

    Kelli LeBlanc, Sales and Marketing Manager 10.30.17

  • Minerals
    Barrington Nutritionals

    Barrington Nutritionals

    Barrington Nutritionals 500 Mamaroneck Avenue Harrison, NY 10528 Toll Free: 800-684-2436 USA Phone: 914-381-3500 Fax: 914-381-2232…
    Tawny Gray, Strategic Supplier Manager 10.26.17

  • AlaskOmega (Organic Technologies)

    Steve Dillingham, Global Director 10.23.17