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Nutraceuticals Markets - Regulations

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Published December 18, 2014
New Mexico Senator takes torch from Orrin Hatch and Tom Harkin. Read More »
Published December 12, 2014
DASCA will protect consumers from potentially dangerous anabolic steroids falsely marketed as dietary supplements. Read More »
Published December 11, 2014
Lawmakers discussed the safety, labeling and regulation of GMOs in the food chain. Read More »
Safety Considerations With FDA’s Anticipated NDI Guidance Document
By Robert S. McQuate, PhD, and Richard C. Kraska, PhD, DABT, GRAS Associates LLC, a Nutrasource company
Published December 9, 2014
What factors should companies evaluate when considering pursuit of GRAS or NDI approval? Read More »
2015 State of the Industry Update & Outlook
Published December 1, 2014
Experts review critical issues from varying angles and perspectives. Read More »
Will GMP Certifications Lower My Insurance Premium?
By Greg Doherty, Bolton & Company Insurance Brokers
Published December 1, 2014
The answer is: definitely … well, maybe. Read More »
Getting Ahead of the Curve: Magnesium & Potassium
By Dr. A. Elizabeth Sloan & Dr. Catherine Adams Hutt, Sloan Trends, Inc.
Published December 1, 2014
These important minerals have a bright future across a range of health categories. Read More »
GMOs: The Risk They Pose to Consumers
By Andre Leu, President, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
Published November 21, 2014
Commercially released GMO plants have antibiotic resistance genes in every cell. They should be banned for this reason alone. Read More »
Published November 20, 2014
Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. to replace vocal supplement industry critic Rep. Henry Waxman. Read More »
Published November 19, 2014
The USDA standards limit fat, sodium, sugar and calories. Read More »
Published November 19, 2014
Claims in Internet advertising were challenged by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. Read More »
Published November 19, 2014
AHPA joined a coalition of nearly 140 organizations to submit comments in response to the California OEHHA's reform proposal. Read More »
Published November 14, 2014
Series of inspections allegedly showed company failed to conduct identity testing or establish product specifications. Read More »
Published November 13, 2014
CRN developed a free online tool that compiles FDA Warning Letters to dietary supplement companies in a searchable database. Read More »
Published November 13, 2014
If adopted, the new ruling would provide a stronger emphasis on the importance of DHA for children, according to GOED. Read More »
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