Proteins, Peptides, Amino Acids

Natural Treatments for Alcoholism & Addiction

Nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, homeopathy, essential oils and various forms of bodywork may be effective treatment options.

An Interview with Steven Feinberg of Mid America Food Sales

Steven Feinberg was born and raised in Chicago and currently lives in Deerfield, IL, with his wife and business partner Judy.

GanedenBC30 Supports Protein Utilization

Mike Bush discussed research demonstrating the probiotic strain's benefit for exercise recovery and protein utilization.

Podcast: AIDP President Discusses Prebiotic Market Development

The functional fiber offers a host of benefits for consumers and formulators alike.

2015 DGAs Suggest Yogurt Supports Healthy Eating

Yogurt contains calcium, potassium and vitamin D— nutrient deficiencies identified as public health concerns.