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Published August 7, 2014
Thanks to its mildly sweet flavor profile, bulking properties and digestibility, erythritol has long been used as a medium for delivery of high-intensity sweeteners, such as stevia and monk fruit. However consistent, dependable sourcing of erythritol… Read More »
Published July 1, 2014
New sweetener, an oat bran-derived ingredient linked to health benefits and a guidance to fight milk adulteration among proposed USP quality standards for food ingredients. Read More »
Published April 1, 2014
Cargill has introduced its ViaTech line of stevia-based sweeteners, which enable food and beverage manufacturers to achieve optimal sweetness and significant sugar reduction. Cargill’s proprietary taste prediction model leads to clean sweetness… Read More »
Published March 12, 2014
Guideline will provide recommendations on the limited consumption of sugar to reduce obesity and tooth decay. Read More »
Published January 16, 2014
Natural sweetener producer, Sweet Green Fields (SGF), has developed new technology to overcome processing obstacles typically present in the production of organic stevia extracts. In doing so, SGF has taken steps to validate its purification process… Read More »
Published January 14, 2014
By 2017, global market value for intense sweeteners as additives used in the manufacture of food and beverage products is expected to increase to almost $1.4 billion, up by 9.7% from levels in 2013. Read More »
Published December 12, 2013
Following a review of evidence provided by animal and human studies, experts have ruled out a potential risk of aspartame causing damage to genes and inducing cancer. Read More »
Published October 23, 2013
Zenith International forecasts the global market for stevia will reach 6,250 tons by 2016, equivalent to $490 million by value. Read More »
Published September 9, 2013
The development program for fermentation-based steviol glycosides from Cargill and Evolva Holding is moving into pilot scale ahead of schedule, potentially making it available for commercialization sooner than expected. Earlier this year, Cargil… Read More »
LGJ Unveils LO Fruit Beverage
Published July 18, 2013
LGJ, LLC, Camarillo, CA has introduced LO Fruit Beverage— a low calorie, low carb, low sugar and low glycemic juice drink. According to the company, one ten-ounce serving has about the same calories (35 – 45), carb content (8 – 11 g… Read More »
Published July 15, 2013
DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Company LLC has launched its first ingredient for the U.S. food market. Zemea USP Propanediol is a natural solvent and humectant that can be used to replace petroleum-based propylene glycol or glycerin in a variety… Read More »
Published July 10, 2013
Chicago, IL-based stevia supplier and marketer PureCircle has been issued a No Objection letter for the use of PureCircle’s Rebaudioside D (Reb D) as a general purpose sweetener for foods and beverages in the U.S. by the United States Food… Read More »
Published June 28, 2013
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has made a new entry in its Chemical Cuisine: A Guide to Food Additives for mogrosides, the active sweetener compound from monk fruit that can be up to 250 times sweeter than sugar. The non-profit… Read More »
Published June 12, 2013
Innovative Food Processors (IFP, Inc.), a leading powder product developer and manufacturer in Faribault, MN, reached a long-term agreement with Cargill to continue the supply and manufacture of Cargill’s popular Truviasweetener product line. T… Read More »
Published June 3, 2013
Adults of all ages increasingly use new natural low/no calorie sweeteners, but new data show U.S. adults receive about 13% of their calories from added sugars. Read More »
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