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2010 Hot Herb Directory

A comprehensive listing of suppliers and their most popular herbs and botanicals.

More Great News for Chocolate

More research and new supplements boost cocoa’s healthy profile.

Designing Smart Formulations for the Brain Health Market

Companies are ramping up development of products geared toward improving cognition and preventing dementia.

Functional Foods & Beverages for Men

If recent product launches are any indication, men's products manufacturers only have one thing on their minds.

New Product Highlights

Recent dietary supplement and functional food introductions from the Expo West show.

Wolfberries and Diabetes

Kansas State researchers are exploring how Chinese wolfberries can improve vision deficiencies associated with type-2 diabetes.

Mood Health: Ingredients for a Healthy Mind

Consumers want to strike a healthy balance in their lives, and mood is a very important part of that equation.

RFI Ingredients

RFI Ingredients, based in Blauvelt, NY, is a manufacturer of innovative natural ingredients for the food, functional food and dietary supplement industries.

Delivery Strategies In Transit

The days of bulky, chalky ‘horse pills’ are virtually over, along with the notion that gummies, chews and other fun delivery formats are reserved for kids.

Minerals: The Next Generation

The market continues to evolve in light of consumer demands, new applications and emerging technologies.

Antioxidant Directory

A listing of suppliers of antioxidant ingredients for food and supplement formulations.

Is Vitality the New Energy?

Vitality is becoming an attractive health proposition for consumers and a good business opportunity for companies.

Formulating with EFAs

It's not easy to work with EFAs, but the health benefits delivered make it well worth the effort.

An Interview with Michael McGuffin

Michael McGuffin is president of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). He has been active in the herbal industry since 1975, having owned and managed both retail and manufacturing businesses in this field.

Ancient Super Grain, Modern Benefits

Once a stamina supplement of the Aztecs, Salba's nutrient-dense profile is drawing a lot of present-day attention.

Herbs for the Common Cold

Why plants are a viable choice to stave off the inevitable signs of the cough and cold season.

Pets Are Undeniably Important

Nutritional products aimed at pets represent a healthy opportunity for companies.

An Interview with Robert Forbes

Robert Forbes is managing director with Robert Forbes and Associates (RFA) based in Sydney, Australia. RFA is Australia’s leading consultancy in the field of complementary medicines, with an international client base of more than 500 companies.

The Father of Stevia

Jim May recounts his roller coaster love affair with the little leaf that’s sweeter than sugar.

State of the Industry

review and forecasts from nutraceutical executives

Prebiotics & Probiotics: Partners in Health

The concept of healthy bacteria is beginning to leave a lasting impression on consumers and their well-being.

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