Herbs & Botanicals

Antioxidant Directory

A listing of suppliers of antioxidant ingredients for food and supplement formulations.

Jiaherb Inc.

JIAHERB Inc., the largest herbal extract manufacturer from China

An Interview with Michael McGuffin

Michael McGuffin is president of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). He has been active in the herbal industry since 1975, having owned and managed both retail and manufacturing businesses in this field.

Hot Herb Directory

A comprehensive listing of suppliers and their latest and greatest herb offerings.

2010 Hot Herb Directory

A comprehensive listing of suppliers and their most popular herbs and botanicals.

What's Next in Cognitive Function?

In the intense search for ways to preserve brain health, consumers are turning to various ingredients aimed at maintaining or improving cognitive function.

State of the Industry

review and forecasts from nutraceutical executives

Today’s Beauty-from-Within Market

Consumers are realizing that if they consume the right foods, beauty will be a natural corollary. Manufacturers are taking heed.

The Rising of the Green Sun

Defying the economic downturn, greenfoods are stronger than ever.

The Global Herbs & Botanicals Market

Herbs and botanicals will continue to grow in popularity and sales, as long as consumers continue the trend of self-care.

2010 State of the Industry Review

Executives reflect on the past year in nutraceuticals and look ahead to what the future might bring.

The Road to Pain Relief

Now more then ever, millions of people suffering from chronic pain need safe, effective products they can rely on.

The Herbs & Botanicals Market: Returning to its Roots

Despite the overwhelming negativity surrounding the herbs and botanicals segment from a quality and clinical research point of view, many experts believe there are myriad opportunities in the market as companies move toward the use of patented and proprietary products.

What is Kombucha?

The RTD tea category welcomes another unconventional but historically-embraced sensation.

Harnessing Hypertension

Supplements square off with the silent killer: high blood pressure.

Mmm, Chocolate

Seemingly recession-proof, chocolate’s appeal continues to evolve with the times.

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