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Jan/Feb 2015 Issue
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Market Segments - Flavors & Colors

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Healthy Snacking Trends
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published February 23, 2015
Taste, nutrition and convenience propel the growing snack sector. Read More »
Published February 20, 2015
Natural carotenoids will gain popularity due to consumer preferences for natural goods and growing health awareness. Read More »
Published February 20, 2015
In addition to its benefits for sports nutrition, the highly branched cyclic dextrin ingredient Cluster Dextrin, has been shown to benefit the flavor and aroma of food and beverages, while reducing their acidity.   Many sports nutrition produc… Read More »
Published February 20, 2015
Caramel color byproduct 4-methylimidazole may be carcinogenic. Read More »
Published February 12, 2015
Bell Flavors and Fragrances haslaunched a new line of tomato flavors. “These tomato flavors mimic the best of what Mother Nature has to offer from fresh, juicy notes in our vine ripe flavor to the deep umami notes in the cooked tomato,”… Read More »
Published January 23, 2015
Using formal and grassroots market research tactics, Sensient Flavors’ industry experts have identified four primary consumer interests — hybrid flavors, regional inspiration, creative sourcing and savory updates — that inform eight… Read More »
Published January 21, 2015
Frutarom BU Health has developed EFLAsense, a range of all-natural liquid extracts with sensory properties to boost flavor and health benefits in products such as beverages, confectionary, dairy, bakery and liquid dietary supplements.   The ne… Read More »
Published January 5, 2015
Deal will expand Frutarom’s portfolio of natural products for the food industry, as well as health and cosmetics. Read More »
Comax Flavors Reveals Flavor Trends for 2015
Published November 26, 2014
Flavors in each of the four collections are versatile and can be used in a variety of food and beverage applications. Read More »
Published November 7, 2014
Cactus Botanics is now providing astaxanthin raw material to the dietary supplement industry. The supplier is offering natural astaxanthin extracted from algae in both powder and oil forms.   According to Carol Cheow, general manager of the co… Read More »
Published October 31, 2014
Bell Flavors and Fragranceshas launched a new line of sweet to fiery-hot pepper flavors. Bell’s new pepper line encompasses the best flavor profiles from around the world including Mexico, Peru, the Middle East and Jamaica (where some of the ho… Read More »
Flavorchem Develops New Mint Oils
Published September 12, 2014
From its ancient Mediterranean roots, mint throughout history has been widely used for its medicinal properties, as it is rich in vitamin A, C and other healthy minerals. The versatility and popularity of mint is found in countless foods, beverages a… Read More »
Published July 28, 2014
The combination of shifting cultural demographics and younger consumers' desire for flavorful food and beverages has led to an increased interest in savory ingredients including herbs and spices, according to Comax Flavors.   In response to… Read More »
Published July 9, 2014
Deal will create one of the leading flavor and specialty ingredient companies in the world, with sales approaching $2.5 billion. Read More »
Published July 9, 2014
Sensient Flavors has launched a new line of Hispanic-inspired flavors, allowing beverage manufacturers to serve this growing U.S. population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S Hispanic population is expected to reach 61.1 million by 2017.… Read More »
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