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Technology Leads the Way for Nutrition

Mintel research demonstrates how consumer demand for more nutritious food is inspiring new product innovation.

An Interview with Peter Leighton

Peter Leighton is a principal at Natural Discoveries LLC, which recently launched a novel ecommerce site,, featuring new and innovative functional health products based on sound science.

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Magnesium & Potassium

These important minerals have a bright future across a range of health categories.

SoluBlend Technologies: ‘Healthy Fats Made Crystal Clear’

Using a proprietary, patented process, SoluBlend Technologies, Frankfort, IL, plans to revolutionize the food and beverage market with water-soluble fats. The list is endless, but some of the current ingredient successes in the company’s arsenal include omega 3s, CoQ10, vitamins D3, E and A, resveratrol and phytosterols.