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World Food Processing Introduces PURISWhole Pulse Powders

December 1, 2016

PURISWhole brings a solution to gluten-free, allergen-friendly baked applications, delivering fiber and protein.

World Food Processing, a provider of non-GMO and organic proteins, has created its new line PURISWhole Pulse Powders, in addition to its flagship staple, PURISPea.  
With consumers’ adoption of non-GMO and organic plant-based diets, World Food Processing believes robust supply, constant innovation and great taste will continue to expand the category. PURISWhole brings a solution to gluten-free, allergen-friendly baked applications that deliver on both fiber and protein.
“World Food has produced pulse powder in the past, but we formally re-launched these pulse powders under the PURISWhole name at this year’s SupplySide West,” explained Tyler Lorenzen, president of World Food Processing’s proteins and ingredient subsidiary. The line consists of raw or gelled pulse powders, and includes chickpea, fava, pea, red and green lentil, navy bean and black bean. All are free from major food allergens and manufactured in the U.S.
The PURISWhole line of ingredients is minimally processed to yield clean-label, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic and solvent-free ingredients. These pulse powders provide whole nutrition, and contain more protein and fiber than wheat flour. They are a great choice for gluten-free baking applications where wheat is not desired. They also add more structure to baked goods.
Mr. Lorenzen added, “PURISWhole Pulse Powders can also be used as a whole-food ingredient for emulsification in spreads, soups, sauces and dressings. Other applications include healthy snack foods where fiber, protein and whole nutrition are desired. We had great feedback at SupplySide West about the ability of extruded PURISWhole – chickpea, fava, red lentil and pea – snacks, puffs and crisps to deliver 30% protein content.
Prototypes from World Food Processing included:
●     Praffles: Protein waffles, these featured PURISWhole and PURISPea ingredients, and 12g plant protein/serving.
●     Savory Bars: Featuring PURISWhole Fava and Pea Powder, the bars delivered a savory option for on-the-go consumers.
●     PUROats + Crisps: Oatmeal + Protein in two flavors: Banana Walnut and Green Apple. Each delivers 16g of plant-powered protein delivered from PURISPea ingredients, including their 60% protein pea crisp toppers.
●     Ready-to-Drink Beverages: Featuring 30g PURISPea protein/serving, this high-protein solution was sampled in banana bread as well as classic vanilla and chocolate flavors.
●     Protein Drink Mixes: Featuring 20-26g PURISPea protein/serving, this variety of protein mixes was sampled in banana bread, peanut butter as well as classic vanilla and chocolate flavors. Offering a clean taste and solubility, these are as easy as scoop-in-water-and-shake.
World Food Processing’s focus is on providing customers with a sustainable supply chain met with clean-tasting ingredients. “Our mission is to foster the ability to design finished-food formulations that brands can champion, so that they may adopt a non-GMO and organic plant-based platform of products,” concluded Mr. Lorenzen.