Simply Right

January 25, 2012

Sam's Club, Bentonville, AR, has launched its Simply Right line of vitamins and dietary supplements, replacing the Sam's Club Member's Mark line. In addition to refined packaging, the vitamins are formulated to deliver the same benefits in a smaller pill, making it ideal for members and families who have difficulty swallowing pills. Simply Right Triple Strength Fish Oil (1400 mg; 150 ct.) contains omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil sourced from Peru. The product is made with EnteriCare, an all-natural, patent-pending technology for controlling fishy burps. Simply Right CoQ-10 Softgels (100 mg; 180 ct.) support healthy heart function in a new 25% smaller softgel. Simply Right Glucosamine HCl (1500 mg; 240 ct.) supports joint comfort and mobility in a new 30% smaller, easy-to-swallow pill. Simply Right Vitamin D3 (2000 IU; 400 ct.) supports bone growth and regulates the immune system and neuromuscular system.

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