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Top 10 Stories for 2016

December 23, 2016

Here are the most popular articles on over the past year.

1. Healthy Snacks & Bars: Fresh Opportunities for Growth
With an expanding definition of snacking, consumers have an appetite for clean label products that can deliver health benefits.

2. FDA Updates Nutrition Facts Label
Most food manufacturers will be required to use the new label by July 26, 2018.

3. Growth Predicted for Global Sports Nutrition Products Market
Report forecasts a healthy CAGR of 8.5% from 2014-2020.

4. Key Trends in Functional Foods & Beverages for 2017
Natural functionality continues to drive product development innovation.

5. Vitamins: Filling Nutritional Gaps One Letter At A Time
Consumers remain loyal to the category as personalized formulas and unique formats will drive growth.

6. Healthy Beverage Market Overflowing With Opportunities
Clean and simple formulas that incorporate vital nutrients will continue to gain market share.

7. Insights On Antioxidants: Keys to Future Development
Natural and whole food ingredients continue to propel the category forward.

8. Should Practitioner-Channel Brands Make Peace With Amazon?
One company’s deal with the e-commerce platform could flip the script on the pro-channel’s sales model.

9. Healthy Immunity Through Stress Reduction
Addressing chronic stress and anxiety can have a significant effect on the immune system.

10. Positioning The Supplement Market For Long-Term Success
To stem a tide of criticism, industry refocuses on safety, quality and traceability.