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Published January 28, 2015
Protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, magnesium and microalgae are all positioned for growth. Read More »
Published January 27, 2015
Fruit d'Or has formed an exclusive partnership with Bright Pharma Caps, Inc. to launch wholly organic cranberry capsules, containing 500 mg Cran Naturelle, organic cranberry. The formula is equivalent to 36 mg PACs, the highest potency cranberry… Read More »
From Farm to … Pet Food
By Jeremy Kerstetter, Assistant Editor
Published January 22, 2015
NutriFusion joins pet food manufacturers to develop nutritionally enhanced food for four-legged family members. Read More »
Mamma Chia Debuts Granola Clusters & Clean Energy Drink
Published January 8, 2015
Mamma Chia, Carlsbad, CA, has created new Chia Vitality Granola Clusters.   Each crunchy granola cluster contains nutrient-rich chia seeds, whole rolled oats, wild blueberries or toasted nuts, and is naturally sweetened with honey and molasses… Read More »
Published January 5, 2015
Deal will expand Frutarom’s portfolio of natural products for the food industry, as well as health and cosmetics. Read More »
Snacks & Bars: Reflections of A New Food Culture
By Sean Moloughney, Editor
Published January 5, 2015
Convenience, health and taste drive an evolving category ripe for innovation. Read More »
Nutrition’s Growing Role in Fighting Inflammation
By Dilip Ghosh, PhD, FACN, Director, nutriConnect
Published January 5, 2015
Scientific understanding of how to address inflammation through dietary strategies may help to control many chronic diseases. Read More »
Nutritional Interventions for the Aging Process
By Gregory Stephens, RD and Sandy Bigelow, PhD, Windrose Partners and Vanguard Global Associates LLC
Published January 5, 2015
Baby Boomers want more nutraceutical ingredients in their everyday foods and beverages. Read More »
Top 10 Stories in 2014
Published December 29, 2014
These stories got the most hits on our website in 2014. Read More »
Amlin Health Presents zNoni Amazing Chewable Tablet
Published December 24, 2014
Amlin Health, Las Vegas, NV, has launched zNoni Amazing Chewable Tablet, a dietary supplement that contains a USDA certified organic Noni 5:1 extract with 25% polysaccharides (highest polysaccharides on the market), specifically designed to support a… Read More »
Protection Against Aging & Disease
By Dr. Nancy Ray, Science Officer, McCord Research
Published December 18, 2014
Can antioxidants and other nutrients preserve telomere length? Read More »
Published December 17, 2014
Proactive wellness and proper nutrition drive dietary trends, according to Packaged Facts report. Read More »
Published December 12, 2014
Research shows that, of 11 popular supplements analyzed, 7 do not adhere to proven formulas. Read More »
Published December 11, 2014
Analysis found positive findings in nine randomized trials on vitamin C against exercise-induced bronchoconstriction. Read More »
Super Sprout Introduces Fruit & Vegetable Powders
Published December 8, 2014
Australian health foods company Super Sprout has introduced vitamin and mineral-dense, 100% all-natural, whole fruit and vegetable powders to the U.S. market. Super Sprout said that the powders are a convenient way for consumers to get their daily al… Read More »
New ORACmr Delivers Advanced Antioxidant Analysis for Food Industry
By David N. Bell, Bell Advisory Services
Published December 8, 2014
Testing protocol can be successfully applied to R&D, product development, QC and consumer education initiatives. Read More »
Published December 3, 2014
Nutegrity, a vertically integrated supplier of fish oil ingredients, has launched OmegaActiv + PL Blend, a combination of Nutegrity’s OmegaActiv omega-3 fish oil, a powerful antioxidant astaxanthin and phospholipids including lysophospholipids… Read More »
Published December 1, 2014
Nutraceutical: Flavonoids Indication: Ovarian Cancer Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 2014 Research: The impact of different dietary flavonoid subclasses on risk of epithelial ovarian cancer is unclear, with limited pr… Read More »
Published December 1, 2014
Rejuvila, New York, NY, offers free radical defense with Youth Protect—a combination of Setria glutathione, GliSODin superoxide dismutase, organic kale and watercress.   As the body ages, its stores of antioxidant defenses naturally decli… Read More »
Published November 26, 2014
Amounts of cocoa flavanols vary widely among popular brands of chocolate. Read More »
Bausch+Lomb Adds Ocuvite BioLutein
Published November 24, 2014
Bausch+Lomb, Rochester, NY, has added a new offering to its line of Ocuvite eye health supplements. Ocuvite BioLutein is based on the essential nutrients identified in the AREDS trials, including omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and zinc, plus lutei… Read More »
Published November 11, 2014
AppleActiv, the functional food division of Leahy Orchards, has revealed that a newly-released study has shown AppleActiv DAPP (Dried Apple Peel Powder) to be associated with improved joint function, and increased serum antioxidant protecti… Read More »
Pomella Inhibits Formation of Markers Leading to Oxidative Stress
Published November 7, 2014
A 2014 University of Rhode Island Kingston study discovered that Pomella phenolics inhibit the formation of a biologically relevant oxidative stress marker called Advanced Glycation Endproducts, or AGE.    Pomella is a patented pomegranat… Read More »
Published November 7, 2014
Cactus Botanics is now providing astaxanthin raw material to the dietary supplement industry. The supplier is offering natural astaxanthin extracted from algae in both powder and oil forms.   According to Carol Cheow, general manager of the co… Read More »
TK Hibiscus Brews Up Antioxidant Rich Tea
Published November 6, 2014
TK Hibiscus, New York, NY, has created an all-natural hibiscus iced tea featuring Jasmin, Ginger, Classic and Mint flavors. TK Hibiscus is USDA Organic, gluten-free and Kosher, with just 40 little calories in a 16 ounce serving. Lightly sweetened wit… Read More »
Published November 3, 2014
The global market for whole grain and high fiber foods is projected to reach $29.5 billion by 2020, driven by growing consumer focus on health and well-being, and increasing awareness over the benefits of whole grain and fiber rich diet, according to… Read More »
Form & Function: Focusing on Delivery & Bioavailability
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published November 3, 2014
Convenience, choice and sensory experience drive consumer interest. Read More »
Fats for Life
By Alan Richman, Contributing Writer
Published November 3, 2014
The essential fatty acids described here are critical to both life and health. Read More »
Key Trends in Functional Foods & Beverages for 2015
By Julian Mellentin, New Nutrition Business
Published November 3, 2014
Understanding and connecting multiple trends can lead to long-term market success. Read More »
Z SKIN SYSTEMS Creates Ingestible & Topical Skincare Method
Published October 29, 2014
Z SKIN SYSTEMS, Chesterfield, MO, has designed a new nutrition-focused skincare system featuring both ingestible and topical components.   The company offers the first beauty system created with zeaxanthin, a potent antioxidant from paprika pe… Read More »
Published October 23, 2014
Study suggests compound found in red wine has potential as osteoporosis treatment. Read More »
Youth Protect Offers Anti-Aging Defense
Published October 23, 2014
Rejuvila New York, NY, offers free radical defense with Youth Protect— a combination of Setria Glutathione, GliSODin SOD, organic kale and watercress.     As the body ages, its stores of antioxidant defenses naturally declines. Eati… Read More »
The Promise of Astaxanthin
By Bradley Willcox, MD, University of Hawaii
Published October 17, 2014
Okinawans are the longest-lived people on the planet and astaxanthin may be an important contributing factor leading to their longevity. Read More »
Published October 13, 2014
Research highlights changing attitudes about fats and oils. Read More »
Published October 1, 2014
The New Orleans-based smoothie company Smoothie King Franchises, Inc., has introduced two new Vegan Smoothies Powered by Sunwarrior. The new menu items are blended with 100% pure Sunwarrior raw plant-based protein and other nutritious ingredients lik… Read More »
Published October 1, 2014
Nutegrity has developed CocoaNol, an organic cocoa extract standardized to 10% natural cocoa polyphenols. CocoaNol harnesses the antioxidant power of chocolate in a delivery system that allows dietary supplement, food and beverage companies to drive… Read More »
The Blood Sugar Balancing Act
By Lisa Olivo, Associate Editor
Published October 1, 2014
Can nutraceuticals designed to support healthy glucose levels help control the diabesity epidemic? Read More »
Published September 25, 2014
Growing consumer awareness and focus on health and well-being drive global category. Read More »
Arbonne Presents Essentials Greens Balance
Published September 25, 2014
Arbonne International, LLC, Irvine, CA, has launched a new offering in its growing line of nutritional formulas: Arbonne Essentials Greens Balance. Each scoop of the Greens Balance is the equivalent of one serving of vegetables. The vegan-certified f… Read More »
Published September 19, 2014
Chokeberry is a wild berry that grows on the eastern side of North America in wetlands and swamp areas. Read More »
Soluble Wheat Bran Extract Offers Digestive Support
By Douwina Bosscher, PhD, Leader Nutrition Sciences, Global R&D, Food Ingredient Systems, Cargill
Published September 12, 2014
Arabinoxylan-oligosaccharides found in the extract support digestion and are linked to antioxidant properties. Read More »
Published September 5, 2014
Nutegrity has added ThriVexan Mangosteen Extract to its portfolio of branded ingredients. Naturally harvested from the mangosteen fruit, ThriVexan helps support a healthy inflammatory response and may provide temporary relief of minor muscle pain ass… Read More »
Nutri Lifescience Introduces Nutri Maqui
Published September 4, 2014
Nutri Lifescience, Bradenton, FL, has launched Nutri Maqui, a superfruit blend featuring maqui berry combined with several antioxidant fruits. The supplement is formulated to support healthy immune response, healthy cholesterol management and healthy… Read More »
Published September 4, 2014
Mary Ellen Camire, PhD, CFS, Food Science and Nutrition Professor at the University of Maine’s School of Food and Agriculture has been named the 75th president of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Chicago, IL, a nonprofit scientific so… Read More »
MarketWatch 2014
Published September 1, 2014
Recent news and developments in the nutricosmetics industry. Read More »
2014 Beauty Ingredients Directory
Published September 1, 2014
Suppliers present their latest contributions to oral and topical beauty formulas. Read More »
Global Growth Factors in Nutricosmetics
By Sean Moloughney, Editor
Published September 1, 2014
While supplements dominate, beverages represent a prime opportunity to appeal to a wide audience. Read More »
Formulating Cosmeceuticals & Nutraceuticals for Skin Care
By Shyam Gupta, PhD, Bioderm Research
Published September 1, 2014
Innovative ingredients from time-tested natural sources await commercialization in nutritional and topical products for an inside-outside strategy. Read More »
Berryceuticals: Blackberry Extract’s Oral Health Benefits
By Fiona Young-Brown, Contributing Writer
Published September 1, 2014
Research shows Kentucky’s state fruit offers significant promise for a range of ailments. Read More »
Beauty Through Nutrition
By Paula Simpson, Principal, Nutribloom Consulting
Published September 1, 2014
The popularity of oral beauty supplements is growing in North America, although the market has a long way to go before it catches Western Europe or Japan. Read More »
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