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WR Grace

Company Headquarters

7500 Grace Drive
Columbia, MD 21044
United States


Company Description

Grace, built on talent, technology and trust, is a premier specialty chemicals that provide innovative products, technologies and services that support pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. As a worldwide leader in specialty silica gel manufacturing, Grace’s portfolio of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry include SYLOID® formulation excipients, SILSOL® silica-based drug delivery technologies, custom intermediates and regulatory starting materials, and VYDAC® and DAVISIL® bulk chromatographic resin. Grace silicas are widely used in nutraceutical, vitamin, and supplement formulations.

SYLOID FP Silica Excipients
SYLOID XDP Silica Excipients
DAVISIL Chromatographic Resin
VYDAC Chromatographic Resin
SILSOL Silica-based Drug Delivery Technology

International Buyers' Guide

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