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MicroActive CoQ10 Universally Bioavailable

March 3, 2010

A new study on MicroActive CoQ10, a patented, highly bioavailable, and universally absorbed form of CoQ10—which is manufactured by BioActives LLC and distributed by Maypro Industries—found that 100% of subjects taking MicroActive CoQ10 hard gelatin capsules doubled their plasma CoQ10 levels after three weeks of supplementation, compared to just 44% of subjects taking oil-solubilized CoQ10 soft gels. Results were published in the journal Integrative Medicine.

The study included an acute phase (0-24 hours, single dose of 180 mg) and an accumulation phase (21 days, daily dose of 60 mg.) During the acute phase, five healthy subjects ingested either: MicroActive CoQ10 hard gelatin capsules, crystalline CoQ10 hard gelatin capsules or oil-solubilized CoQ10 soft gels containing a proprietary absorption enhancer. The study was cross-over in design, so all subjects tested all formulations. During the accumulation phase, 22 healthy subjects were randomly divided into two groups: Group A, assigned MicroActive CoQ10 hard gelatin capsules, and Group B, assigned oil-solubilized CoQ10 soft gels containing a proprietary absorption enhancer.

The results of the acute phase showed that both the MicroActive and the solubilized CoQ10 had significantly better bioavailability than the regular crystalline powder. However, the inter-subject variance was significantly greater in the group taking the solubilized form versus the other two forms. Additionally, the MicroActive CoQ10 complex showed a sustained release.

The results of the accumulation phase demonstrated that the MicroActive group showed higher uptake of CoQ10 compared with the solubilized group. In fact, while 100% of subjects in the MicroActive group doubled their CoQ10 levels after three weeks, only 44% of those in the solubilized group did. For further information: