Supplier's Corner

Regulatory & Scientific Services

June 1, 2009

NutriConnect is offering strategic advice on functional foods and nutritional products, including regulatory services related to claims substantiation, risk assessments, nutritional analysis, label reviews and New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notifications. The company’s scientific services also include designing or reviewing research strategy, reviewing research data, writing white papers and monographs, as well as interpreting science to support marketing, public relations and advertising efforts. For further information:
  • Formulation Strategies for  Aging Consumers

    Formulation Strategies for Aging Consumers

    Stephen Tindal, Director, Science and Technology, Catalent Pharma Solutions||March 1, 2017
    Convenience, flavor and novel combinations of ingredients can help offer better product experiences.

  • Enzymes: Essential to Wellness

    Enzymes: Essential to Wellness

    Sean Moloughney, Editor||March 1, 2017
    Aiding digestion and helping the body absorb nutrients, enzymes play critical roles in nutrition.

  • Oral Solid Dose and the Psychology of Appearance

    Oral Solid Dose and the Psychology of Appearance

    Emilie Branch, Scientific Content Manager, That's Nice LLC / Nice Insight||March 1, 2017
    Improved drug delivery, enhanced efficacy and understanding patient needs are driving innovation in the solid dose market.