Sibelius Natural Products Expands into European Market


Company partners with Hermes Consilium to districute Sibelius Sage.

Sibelius Natural Products is partnering with Hermes Consilium, a European distributor of high-quality ingredients, to introduce the clinically validated extract Sibelius: Sage to the European marketplace. Sibelius: Sage is an emerging ingredient in the cognitive health space and has been clinically shown to benefit cognitive performance within the first hour of taking the recommended dose.  
Sibelius: Sage is a high-quality, traceable, natural ingredient derived from a proprietary, non-GMO cultivar of sage (Salvia officinalis L.) and is one of two sage species with proven cognitive benefits. Clinical testing of Sibelius: Sage has demonstrated cognitive improvement for healthy senior volunteers in working memory, secondary memory, and accuracy of attention.
“The world needs products that help them age well,” said Peter Leyland, CEO at Sibelius Natural Products. “Cognitive decline is an immense worry to the aging population, so an ingredient that has both fast acting and long-term benefits is just what they need. We look forward to working with Hermes Consilium to provide Europe with health solutions they can rely on.”
Sibelius: Sage is cultivated in South East England at a family-owned farm and is scientifically tested using Sibelius Natural Products’ patented Chronoscreen platform. Chronoscreen is a profiling platform that enables the rapid identification and qualification of natural ingredients potential biological effects on human health. The data derived from Chronoscreen allows for more focused clinical trials around specific health concerns and faster product development, according to the company.
“Sibelius Natural Products fits in perfectly with our portfolio of ingredient suppliers as they put to practice everything we stand for: highest quality standards and clinical substantiation of efficacy,” said Anton Oražem, CEO of Hermes Consilium. “With their patented Chronoscreen technology and standard-setting quality control, Sibelius has really taken botanical extracts to another level.”
The novel sage ingredient is also already entering the European finished products market. PharmaLinea Ltd. will be launching its new private label food supplement >Your< Instant Memory Sachets at Vitafoods Europe 2019. “Formulated with Sibelius™: Sage and other clinically supported ingredients, >Your< Instant Memory Sachets brings an innovative addition to the brain health supplement market. The product provides an effect on memory and focus, that is felt and recognized by users,” said Maja Orešnik, director of science & research at PharmaLinea Ltd. “It is also key that we do not contribute to the growing pill burden of older demographics, who have trouble swallowing. >Your< Instant Memory Sachets works towards improving confidence and overall quality of life in a convenient, user-friendly sachet form.”
Sibelius: Sage can currently be found in a range of health supplements around the world including Sibelius: Sage for Seniors, Essential Nutrition: Sibelius Sage, Bioglan’s Focus and Recall, and Life Extension’s Cognitex.