NXT USA will Debut Novel Digestive Health Solution that Addresses Gut-Brain Axis


Initial human study demonstrated Digexin improves digestion while enhancing mood.

NXT USA, a new company developing unique nutraceutical solutions, is launching a novel digestive health solution called Digexin at SupplySide West (Booth 3749).
Backed by a new human proof-of-concept study showing improved digestion and enhanced mood, NXT USA is in search of early-stage partners to start the process of creating finished products. Further, a second larger clinical trial is currently underway to help validate Digexin’s benefits.  
This initial randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of Digexin to relieve constipation and improve bowel clearance over 14 days. Forty-eight healthy male and female participants, age 25 to 60, were assigned to one of three study arms: 300 mg of Digexin, 500 mg of Digexin, or placebo.
  • Self-administered questionnaires were assessed and revealed both doses:
  • Reduced constipation symptoms
  • Improved sense of complete evacuation
  • Improved quality of life based on significantly reducing physical and psychological discomfort, worries, and concerns
  • Improved sleep quality
“Digexin is a unique herbal approach in the digestive category, offering consumers a way to address regularity issues, with the additional benefits of calming the mind, mood and stress,” said Eric Anderson, managing director, NXT USA. “Our proprietary blend addresses the gut-brain axis, improving peristalsis while adding soothing action in the gut and supporting stool formation and evacuation. For many people, this can be the difference between a good day, and a not-so-good day.”
“Our first human study produced the statistically significant results in healthy subjects we anticipated, so we are even more excited about the larger clinical trial currently
underway to confirm and validate Digexin’s benefits,” Anderson added. “For consumers not satisfied with existing gut health products due to efficacy, side effects, or simply needing additional action, Digexin provides a new choice.”
NXT USA will also showcase its flagship joint health ingredient TamaFlex at SupplySide West Booth 3749.