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PURIS Debuts Fava Bean Protein


Company scaling up production capacity of plant proteins.

PURIS is accelerating production of U.S.-made, organic and non-GMO plant proteins through its completion of a newly expanded second spray dryer. The company also introduced PURIS Fava Bean Protein.
“PURIS is the only U.S. end-to-end producer of organic, non-GMO, pea protein. We spend countless hours developing the cleanest tasting seeds, ingredients and finished foods that debunk the myth of “healthy tasting” plant-based nutrition,” said PURIS President Tyler Lorenzen. “For the past couple of years, we had been sold out of the best-tasting pea protein in the market, but with the completion of our capacity increase of plant proteins produced in our Wisconsin production facility, not only can we can handle the scale and growth of the rapidly growing plant-based protein CPG industry but also we felt it was time to introduce the newest member of our best in class tasting proteins: PURIS Fava Protein.”  
PURIS Fava Bean Protein will be available in 2019 and can be used in a variety of food applications from dry beverage blends and bars to snacks and plant-based meats. “We felt it was important to demonstrate to the market that we have the ability to continue to innovate, create and push the plant-based protein market forward through commercialization of new novel protein ingredients.” PURIS’ work toward creating a scalable and sustainable food system has proved to be possible with an array of different ingredients. 
“Not only did we achieve a massive expansion in capacity, our proprietary process also produces a very pure, ultra-white pea starch with unique qualities when compared with corn, tapioca and potato starches.” 
According to PURIS CMO Jon Getzinger, “We are able to create amazing gummies without needing gelatin or as much pectin. And because it’s unlike corn starch, we are able to let the true flavor of the gummies shine.  Our pea starch continues to amaze us as it shows the ability to replace much more expensive (and less label-friendly) gums in everything from ready-to-drink beverages to confections.”
By using PURIS Pea Starch, brands are able to replace any unwanted and less-sustainable starches from the label such as corn starch and off-shore imported tapioca starch, and even reduce the usage of expensive gums that may be unfamiliar to consumers. Pea starch is a label-friendly choice and supports strategic sourcing as it relates to sustainability, regenerative agricultural practices and legitimate Certified Organic supply chains. 
“According to a report from Label Insight and the Food Marketing Institute, shoppers are demanding more transparency,” noted Mr. Getzinger. “It stated 75% of shoppers said they would switch to a brand that provided more in-depth product information versus 39% just two years ago. If a brand could tell consumers a credible story around locally sourced and made ingredients that they have line of sight to, why wouldn’t they? Consumers are demanding it and doing so puts the brand in a position to win by being first to provide what consumers want. Conversely, imagine the risk to a brand that is shown to be using sources of ingredients that consumers believe to be inferior to others.  
“PURIS has been on a mission to build a plant based food system the right way since 1985,” he added.
Mr. Lorenzen added: “We are focused on building a food system that is backed by goodness for growers, makers, and food eaters. We should have everything we want in food, and nothing that we don’t.” PURIS cultivates a spectrum of pure, plant-based foods and ingredients from organic, plant-based sources.