Butter Buds Highlights Dairy Alternative Flavors


Non-dairy specialty flavor ingredients offer functionality and flavor performance.

Butter Buds Food Ingredients offers food manufacturers and specialty food companies on-trend, better-for-you concentrated dairy flavors and other flavor ingredients needed to succeed in today’s food and beverage marketplace. IFT19 attendees sampled several demos created with a New Orleans flair to showcase the latest dairy alternative, plant-based flavor ingredients, along with a sampling of organic and clean label flavor solutions. This included:
  • Buttery Chicken Curry, a non-dairy entree featuring 0.83% Non-Dairy Buds Ghee Type (49505) and 0.19% Non-Dairy Buds Asia (49518)
  • Keto Bites with 0.38% Non-Dairy Butter Flavor (49504) and 0.38% Butter Buds 8x Non-Dairy LD (49380)
  • Malted Bark with Pecans with 0.25% Butter Buds Sautéed Butter Flavor (Natural) (66927)
  • Iced Kringle featuring 0.40% Natural Ghee Buds (66896)  
Non-dairy specialty flavor ingredients from Butter Buds offer all of the functionality and flavor performance needed to create consumer-pleasing products, without the dairy allergen. These dairy alternative ingredients can help developers create dairy-free plant-based products, ranging from nutritional bars and beverages, to cheese sauces, yogurt and more. 
Butter Buds offers customer-focused R&D and a new Applications Lab, staffed with experienced product development specialists who work closely with customer partners, reformulating existing products and developing new ones to respond to market demands with dairy alternative formulations, clean label, and organic solutions.