Amano Debuts Enzymes for Beverage Applications


The new enzymes improve flavor, texture, and filtration in coffee and tea.

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Several new enzymes designed to improve the quality and production capability of coffee, tea and protein beverages have been introduced by Amano Enzyme
The announcement follows the introduction earlier this Fall of protein Glutaminase “Amano” 500 (PG 500), a protein glutaminase believed to be the first food enzyme to improve the solubility of proteins at low pH levels.
According to Vice President, Technical Services, Ken Iritani, “The new coffee enzyme reduces the viscosity of coffee, improving filtration speed and vastly increasing production capability for both hot and cold brew coffees without affecting flavor. The enzymes designed for tea will not only improve flavor but also increase yield for hot and cold brew teas.
“For instance, the tea enzymes will increase the aroma of the tea product, decrease turbidity and improve taste,” said Iritani. “The result is a richer, tastier, and more aromatic tea. In addition, the enzymes will increase product clarity, enhance color, and improve yield.
“The addition of these enzymes will give our customers greater options for improving the quality and production of their products for the dynamic and growing beverage market.”
Founded in 1899, Amano Enzyme is a worldwide enzyme manufacturer with subsidiaries in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Amano Enzyme USA Co., Ltd. supplies high-quality, microbial enzymes for the Food, Dietary Supplement, Industrial, Diagnostic, and Regenerative Medicine Industries to the Americas. With multi-ton manufacturing capabilities, SQF Level 2 certification, and technical expertise the company offers unparalleled service along with guaranteed quality products.