Bioiberica Forays into Two New Health Areas


The company will introduce new ingredients and its foray into digestive health and skin/beauty.

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Life science company Bioiberica, has announced it will be entering into two new health areas, digestive health and skin and beauty, and debuting these new developments at Vitafoods Europe 2022. As part of its event program, Bioiberica is also set to unveil a range of new functional food applications for its Collavant n2 native (undenatured) type II collagen ingredient for joint health.
Visitors in the New Product Zone can be the first to explore two of Bioiberica’s newest ingredients launching at the event. These ingredients have been specially-designed to support dietary supplements and functional foods in the markets of digestive health and skin and beauty.
Bioiberica will be presenting the science behind its patented hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient, showcasing how its unique composition of three naturally-occurring components can help brands to leverage opportunities for innovation in this busy marketplace. Bioiberica’s experts will be available to discuss this ingredient at the New Ingredients Theater on May 11 at 11:30 a.m. CET.
In response to rising consumer demand for joint health solutions, Bioiberica will unveil a new functional food offering for tis Collavant n2 native type II collagen. Visitors at the Vitafoods Tasting Bar or Bioiberica’s booth will have the chance to sample mango-flavored Collavant n2 collagen gummies and learn about the latest R&D opportunities with this ingredient.
“There’s never been a more exciting time to be working in the health and nutrition industry. Growing consumer health-consciousness is catapulting innovative ingredients and new product formats into the spotlight, while trends and consumer needs continue to evolve at high speed. For manufacturers, there’s a lot to keep up with,” said Jaume Reguant, healthcare director at Bioiberica. “That’s why, last year, we launched a new brand identity for our branded ingredients portfolio – to provide a stronger foundation with greater potential to build and expand into new areas - not just for Bioiberica, but our partners, too. And now, we’re ready to make our move into the digestive health and skin and beauty markets. Driven by a desire to help our customers grow their business with truly innovative products, we’re very excited to finally showcase these new solutions at Vitafoods.”