Probi Launches Select Range of Probiotics


Patented and documented probiotics offer health benefits to broad target groups in areas such as gastro and immune support.

Probi has developed its Probi Select range, which consists of carefully selected, patented, and clinically documented probiotics. Based on high quality clinical studies, Probi Select offers opportunities for new consumer products. The strains will be available through partners worldwide and the first scientific resume was presented at Vitafoods.
Through the acquisition of Nutraceutix in October 2016, new possibilities emerge for Probi: an increased global footprint, broadened product portfolio and full scale manufacturing. Probi’s extended range of clinically documented probiotic strains offer opportunities for new product launches and new market positions for customers, both in functional food and consumer healthcare.
“It is extremely exciting to launch the new probiotic line, Probi Select,” said Niklas Bjärum, president of Probi USA, and global sales & marketing for Probi Group. “Through the integration of Nutraceutix, Probi has established a complete probiotic offering with the Probi Premium, Probi Select, and Probi LiveBac ranges. Probi is now a true ‘one-stop-shop’ for any consumer goods company wanting to drive their position in the probiotic market.”
Designed to bring health benefits to broad target groups in areas such as gastro and immune support, the Probi Select strains are proven to survive the passage through the gastrointestinal tract, and can thereby exert their health promoting effects on the gut microbiota. The microbiota is important for digestion and absorption of nutrients, maintaining a balanced immune system, protection against pathogens, and for supporting general well-being.
Probi Rhamnosus 6594 (Lactobacillus rhamnosus 6594) 
Selected to support gastro and immune health for infants and children. By colonizing the microbiota Probi Rhamnosus 6594 helps to create a stronger immune system—of paramount importance during infancy and childhood. Probi Rhamnosus 6594 is safe, well tolerated, promotes a healthy gut microbiota and supports the immune system.

Probi Paracasei 13434 (Lactobacillus paracasei 13434) 
Selected to support the immune system for a healthy life. Probi Paracasei 13434 targets the general population, from the growing adolescence and all the way through adulthood. Intake of Probi Paracasei 13434 activates the immune system, enhances the response against infections and inflammation, and promotes a well-regulated immune response. Probi Paracasei 13434 has been shown to attach to the mucosal layer of the intestine with a specific binding mechanism and promotes a diverse and well-nourished gut microbiota.
Probi Plantarum 6595 (Lactobacillus plantarum 6595) 
Selected to provide gastro and immune support when needed most. Probi Plantarum 6595 targets people in need of extra support—for example after heavy exercise, during aging, going through antibiotic treatment, or suffering from lifestyle diseases. Probi Plantarum 6595 supports the intestinal wall, has antimicrobial effects, has been shown to prevent infections and decrease the use of antibiotics in individuals with a less active immune-system, thus promoting a healthy gut and supporting a faster recovery when needed most.
“I am very proud that we today can present a new range of probiotic strains supported by high quality science. Every strain in the Select range is carefully chosen based on a number of preclinical and clinical studies showing promising effects on health,” said Gun-Britt Fransson vice president, research & development at Probi.