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Cypress Systems’ BodyReady Platform to Raise Trust & Credibility


Framework designed to simplify life for branding partners and reinforce consumer confidence.

With the introduction of its new BodyReady platform, Cypress Systems intends to change the conversation about science-based nutritional ingredients. The selenium industry leader, Cypress Systems maintains a long-standing commitment to making its customers’ jobs easier by consistently adhering to this platform which is based on quality assurance and scientific credentialing.
The company is creating a white paper to support its BodyReady platform for its high-selenium yeast, SelenoExcell.
What is BodyReady?
“Simply put, BodyReady confirms that an ingredient is ready to be used by the body to promote health,” said CEO Paul Willis. “BodyReady is our promise to actively stand watch, and to reshape messaging and product claims as new science emerges. It’s our ongoing commitment to understanding how the body works, what it needs, and how our ingredients fit with the current science.” As a result, BodyReady guides formulators to make better informed ingredient selections with confidence.  
Mr. Willis acknowledged that formulators must often spend intensive hours educating themselves on what the best science is saying and making sense of the nuances about how the body uses ingredients in a vast array of health contexts. “Our customers’ worlds are hectic. They have a gazillion things coming at them at once. Knowing that Cypress Systems is on watch in terms of scientific credibility means formulators can spend their energies elsewhere. They don’t have to worry about this. They can feel good about everything we’re telling them. We’ve got their backs.”
Widely accepted by the industry is the importance of quality control in manufacturing. Mr. Willis said BodyReady—a platform placing emphasis on quality control in science—is every bit as important. “Ignoring quality control when it comes to scientific validation is not acceptable in our industry and it is definitely not acceptable for Cypress Systems. We are taking responsibility to be on top of the clinical research and vetting the science. BodyReady is a confidence builder because it stands for full scientific transparency.”
The industry needs the BodyReady platform now more than ever, according to Mr. Willis. “Our industry has gotten a bit lax in making structure/function claims and applying science. There’s a lot of emphasis on borrowed science. We may have a low barrier of entry into our industry but we have very informed consumers. We need to rebuild the trust and integrity of our industry. BodyReady is a way to build that credibility.”
A New Level of Scientific Vigilance
Cypress Systems is not satisfied with thinking about ingredients in the most general terms. The platform signals Cypress Systems’ commitment to going deeper into the science to communicate the newest understanding of the critical role that selenium and other nutrients play in your health. “We’re respecting the complexity of the science, while creating comprehensive messages so that people can make sound choices.”
He uses the company’s food-form high-selenium yeast, SelenoExcell as an example. With selenium, form makes a difference. The combination of forms present in SelenoExcell give it a unique advantage in the body.
“When one looks at the intricate metabolic pathways of selenium within the body, the result is a spaghetti diagram that would repel most people,” said Mr. Willis. “Our new BodyReady platform is taking that complexity and turning it into scientifically sound messages that can guide best choices. By carefully examining the combination of selenium forms present in SelenoExcell, we can determine that it is an outstanding fit in terms of how absorption, metabolism, and partitioning of the trace mineral is orchestrated as the body successfully adapts to shifts in selenium intake and metabolic demand.” 
Every new product launched by Cypress Systems will be vetted through the BodyReady platform. “BodyReady is not a marketing tagline. It is our method of giving our customers the confidence that Cypress Systems is taking responsibility for creating a science-based position for each and every one of our ingredients.”