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FutureCeuticals Launching S7, Blend of Seven Plant-Based Ingredients, for Sports Nutrition


New ingredient shown to boost nitric oxide by 230%.

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Adding to its sports nutrition line of branded ingredients, FutureCeuticals, Inc. is introducing S7. This blend of seven plant-based ingredients has been clinically shown to boost nitric oxide (NO) levels in humans by 230% over baseline.
Intake of nitrates and dietary nitrates has been heavily marketed as the best way to increase NO in the body. FutureCeuticals' S7 research, however, proposes a better and more powerful way to increase NO production in the body. Supplementation with exogenous nitrates (e.g., beets, leafy greens, sodium nitrate) may have some value but does not show the increase in NO the body can produce internally with S7 supplementation. 
S7 in not an ingested nitrate product. Rather, S7 triggers the best kind of NO production—the body's own nitric oxide. Many well-known NO ingredients have large serving sizes, but S7 delivers documented results with only one 50 mg dose. 
"The problem and solution rest in the fact that our bodies can produce a substantial and greater amount of NO internally without external supplementation of nitrates," said Jeff Van Drunen, president of FutureCeuticals, Inc. "S7 is the new pathway to NO like no other on the market today.”
S7 offers clean label confidence as a plant-based ingredient that is ideal for application in sports nutrition products such as RTM and RTD pre-workout, muscle pump and performance products, energy drinks and more.
FutureCeuticals' branded ingredients are backed by peer-reviewed, human science and offer real ingredient solutions for people of all ages, fitness levels, and health needs—from individual ingredients to custom blends designed for specific application. For more information, visit Booth 2563.