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Ingredion Launches Slowly Digestible Carbohydrate for Balanced, Sustained Energy


SUSTRA 2434 helps manufacturers meet consumer demand for convenient, long-lasting energy in clean label products.

Ingredion Incorporated, a global provider of ingredient solutions has introduced SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate, a clean label starch-based solution for manufacturers of energy-focused nutritional products including bars, shakes, mixes, snacks and supplements.
SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate is an innovative, easy-to-formulate ingredient that has been scientifically shown in Ingredion’s proprietary research to promote a lower glycemic index and steadier blood sugar levels over an extended period, leading to balanced, long-lasting energy. With its clean taste profile, sensory acceptance and appealing consistency, manufacturers can now easily develop convenient, consumer-desired energy products.
Made from native corn starch and tapioca flour, SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate has a simple label and can enable claims such as “low glycemic index” and “sustained blood glucose.” In addition, it is gluten- and FODMAP-free and has no adverse osmotic or digestive tolerance effects. It is also certified in conformity with Ingredion’s TRUETRACE program for non-genetically modified ingredients. 
“Ingredion’s proprietary research has shown that consumers are seeking more energy to help them be more productive and increase their overall well-being,” said Maria Stewart, PhD, clinical research lead at Ingredion. “Unlike some carbohydrates that cause a sharp spike followed by a drop in blood sugar, leading to a ‘crash’, SUSTRA 2434 slowly digestible carbohydrate is designed to be slowly digested and produce a reduced glycemic response, an effect that has been confirmed in clinical studies.”
Ingredion has more than 100 years of technical expertise in the food and beverage industry, and is a leader in carbohydrate nutrition science.