PURIS to Premiere Dairy-Free Yogurt


Pea protein and starch can allow companies to deliver clean labels without sacrificing on taste.

Booth S2306
The team at PURIS will unveil its newest plant-based creation at Booth S2306. The team has combined the power of U.S.-grown and made PURIS Pea Protein and PURIS Pea Starch to deliver a non-dairy yogurt with clean plant-based nutrition.
“PURIS is the only U.S. end-to-end producer of organic, non-GMO pea protein. We spend countless hours developing the cleanest tasting seeds, ingredients and finished foods that debunk the myth of ‘healthy tasting’ plant-based nutrition,” said PURIS President Tyler Lorenzen. “When it comes to non-dairy, there is opportunity to provide a better tasting product with a cleaner label and more nutrition. This opportunity can be done with PURIS’ integrated model of pea protein and starches grown and made in the USA.” 
PURIS cultivates a spectrum of pure, plant-based foods and ingredients from organic, plant-based sources. The company is betting on the continued growth of the dairy alternative market, which is forecasted to be greater than $14 billion by 2022, according to Markets and Markets. 
“As more consumers explore non-dairy, we believe the growth will come from an exceptional experience around taste, functionality, nutrition and a no compromise ingredient deck. We can create a plant-based yogurt that delivers 10 grams of pea protein per serving while maintaining the cut, texture and taste of what is expected in cultured dairy yogurts. We’ve also built a fruit prep that resists syneresis, all with a clean consumer-friendly label,” said Mr. Lorenzen. 
By using PURIS pea starch, companies can replace unwanted and less sustainable starches such as corn starch and off-shore imported tapioca starch, and even reduce the use of expensive gums that may be unfamiliar to consumers.
Stop by PURIS Booth S2306 at IFT18 to sample PURIS Plant-Based Yogurt, built with PURIS Pea Protein 870MV and PURIS Pea Starch.
What’s Next with PURIS? 
“PURIS is focused on providing more plant-based nutrition. With the completion of our massive plant retrofit and capacity increase, we are primed to supply USA-grown and -made Certified Organic and non-GMO pea protein, starch and fiber ingredients at an unprecedented scale,” said Mr. Lorenzen. “Our commitment to growing the market, and leading with unmatched flavor and functionality, will help create a better plant-based food experience nudging our world to a better system of food production and consumption. Consumers deserve to have it all. They shouldn’t have to choose between what tastes good and what’s good for them and the planet.”