Rousselot Focused on Clean Label Protein Innovation


Company displays range of protein solutions designed for functional food, drinks, and nutritional applications.

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The relationship between health and nutrition continues to merge, as consumers seek to get the most of their everyday diet. In order to meet this demand, manufacturers are increasingly turning to protein fortification to improve nutritional value.

Rousselot showcased its range of protein solutions, designed for functional food, drinks and nutritional applications. The company's Peptan collagen peptides and ProTake B hydrolyzed gelatin can be used in a variety of formulations to enhance nutritional levels and maintain clean label classification.
As the most abundant protein in the human body, collagen is a key constituent of all connective tissues. A hydrolyzed form of collagen, collagen peptides are continuing to rise in popularity across the global food and nutrition market, due to its range of health benefits and functional properties. Peptan collagen peptides offer multiple advantages for healthy aging and sports nutrition including maintaining functional joints, supporting healthy bones and improving skin moisture. With a neutral taste and smell, Peptan is a versatile bioactive ingredient that is ideal for a variety of different applications, from tablets, powdered drinks, beverages, nutrition bars, confectionery and dairy.
Rousselot’s ProTake B, a bovine-sourced ingredient which contains 90% pure protein was also an area of focus at IFT17. ProTake B enables manufacturers to increase total protein content more than with any other single source of protein. Its neutral organoleptic properties mean that it can be easily integrated with other ingredients, which makes it suitable for protein enrichment across a range of applications to create healthier, better-for-you products. As ProTake B is a food ingredient with no e-numbers, it can be incorporated into food and beverages while meeting consumer demands for clean label products.
A number of innovative product prototypes demonstrated Peptan and ProTake’s application possibilities. The company offered samples of collagen-enriched mocktail drinks including “Peptini,” a birthday cake flavored beverage supplemented with Peptan and “Protini,” a ProTake drink flavored with coconut lime and decorated with a gummy bear garnish.