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An interview with Sue Zawacki

By Sheldon Baker | January 1, 2013

Aging Info Radio host Sue Billings Zawacki's direct contact with seniors and families through her work in the insurance industry made her aware of the issues that adult children of aging parents face when trying to find the right resources to assist their loved ones.

Aging Info Radio host Sue Billings Zawacki has worked in the aging and elder care industry for 15 years. Her direct contact with seniors and families through her work in the insurance industry focusing on long-term care and Medicare policies made her aware of the issues that adult children of aging parents face when trying to find the right resources to assist their loved ones. Ms. Zawacki’s passion to help family caregivers moved her to connect with an organization that published a resource guide for seniors. Her initiative launched and managed the Chicagoland publication providing more than 1 million copies to a six county area. With the growing cohort of seniors and Baby Boomers, her entrepreneurial spirit initially brought Aging Info Radio to WJJG-AM in Elmhurst, IL. As of January 2012, Aging Info Radio started broadcasting Saturday mornings on 560WIND in Chicago. The coverage area for 560WIND is all of Chicagoland, southern Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan and on the web where Aging Info Radio streams live at

Health E-Insights: What have you learned from hosting health talk radio?

Ms. Zawacki: I learn so much from my guests every week with our topics of discussion. This inspires me to create interesting shows that continue to teach all of us. On the radio I have learned how to gracefully move conversations forward while keeping my guests at ease and without dead air time. Every show is a new show with so much to learn.
Health E-Insights: What Aging Info Radio interview stands out the most?

Ms. Zawacki: Last year I interviewed Gail Sheehy. She is the world famous author other of Passages and has another book called Passages in Caregiving. Gail wrote about caring for her husband of 17 years who had cancer numerous times. It truly hit home talking to Gail just how precious each and every day is and the difference one day can make. Gail was wonderful to work with and she has so much to teach.
Health E-Insights: If you could interview one special person, who would that be?

Ms. Zawacki: I would really enjoy interviewing Tom Brokaw. I would discuss two of his books, The Greatest Generation and The Time of Our Lives. Hearing him talk with his strong and familiar voice to so many would be great, but I can only imagine all that he has to teach with his experiences reporting from all over the world.

Health E-Insights: Tell us about your health regimen. Do you take supplements?

Ms. Zawacki: I walk my Maltese, Daisy Mae, every night weather permitting for at least a mile after dinner. I feel this is another investment in my health. It is so important to keep moving to maintain your health. I take omega 3s, a liquid multivitamin, vitamins D, C and B. I notice a difference when I am not taking supplements.
Health E-Insights:
Do you have a morning health ritual?

Ms. Zawacki: At least five out of seven mornings, I am up by 6 a.m. and take a short walk with Daisy Mae to get our day going. I have been doing 30 push-ups every morning for the past two years and texting my friend afterward for our accountability. We do not want to be part of the jiggle wave club with loose, flabby arms and weak bones as we age. This is followed by five to seven podcast songs on my Tony Little Gazelle, which gets my heart rate up and provides stretching. There is tremendous value in eating breakfast and I make sure I eat something nutritional every morning.        

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