MegaFoods Launches Vegan Whole Food Supplements

May 16, 2012

Whole food dietary supplement brand, MegaFood, Derry, NH, has launched a collection of certified vegan dietary supplements inspired by requests from loyal customers. The product line, which includes Vegan Daily, Vegan-Ease, Vegan B12 and Vegan Protect, is designed to address the unique nutritional needs of someone following a plant-based diet. MegaFood’s vegan supplements are crafted from farm-fresh and local foods using a unique process that delivers wholesome nourishment from food, and not just vitamins alone. The MegaFood vegan collection features a multivitamin and mineral formula made with whole oranges, blueberries, cranberries, alma fruit and beet root, along with increased levels of calcium and magnesium.

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