Supplier's Corner


October 10, 2011

Stratum Nutrition, has introduced Actazin, a standardized kiwifruit supplement ingredient for digestive regularity. This new ingredient comes from the superior New Zealand green kiwifruit, which has been shown to support digestive health by promoting regularity, gut motility and other long-term digestive health benefits. Actazin has a unique, natural composition of gut health supporting nutrients, including a standardized level of actinidin, a proteolytic enzyme unique to kiwifruit, insoluble and soluble fiber, prebiotics and high level of polyphenolics. Actazin has been added to the Stratum Nutrition portfolio by way of a technology partnership with Anagenix Ltd. This partnership will allow Stratum Nutrition to bring this kiwifruit product, manufactured by Anagenix to market in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and other regions, as well as help to further the science supporting the associated health benefits. For further information:

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