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Epicor Reduces Incidence of Cold/Flu Symptoms

March 23, 2010

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study published in the most recent issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concludes that the nutritional-based immune health ingredient EpiCor, from Embria Health Sciences, significantly reduces cold- and flu-like symptoms in non-vaccinated individuals.
The study focused on 116 test subjects with no recent history of seasonal influenza vaccination. Test subjects were given either a once-daily 500 mg dose of EpiCor or a placebo over a 12-week period. Results were measured with in-clinic examinations and serologic analysis at baseline, 6 and 12 weeks. Participants also utilized a standardized self-report symptom diary. The study found that the subjects who were given EpiCor experienced a statistically significant reduction in the incidence of cold or flu-like symptoms.
"The physical and economic impacts of the common cold and seasonal influenza can be immense, so any additional method that has the potential to reduce the ccurrence of associated symptoms for non-vaccinated individuals should definitely be considered and further researched," said Larry Robinson, Ph.D, study co-author and vice president of scientific affairs for Embria Health Sciences. For further information:

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